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Guidance for Leadership and Educational Services Preparation Program

All approved non-instructional programs (educational leadership and educational services) are designed to meet clinical requirements set forth in N.J.A.C. 6A:9B-12 and 6A:9B-14. In emergency situations, preparation programs should prioritize the safety and wellness of their candidates and have the discretion to adjust the schedule and make other accommodations to provide candidates an opportunity to meet clinical requirements.

Key Reminders

  • The state has not waived clinical requirements for instructional or non-instructional preparation programs
  • Each educator preparation program has the discretion to make necessary accommodations for candidates impacted by school closures to satisfy the clinical component of the program. For example:
    • procedures may be established for returning candidates to earn additional clinical hours in the following semester
    • alternative activities or assignments may be provided
    • alternate (virtual/distant) placements may be allowed
  • The educator preparation programs are responsible for communicating decisions made about clinical requirements of the program to candidates

Contact Information

Candidate questions regarding COVID-19’s impact on program completion and certification may be directed to educator preparation programs or

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