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Postsecondary Private Career Schools (PCS)

Current & Prospective Private Career Schools (PCS)

Initial Application Packet - Private Career School (PCS)

The Private Career School (PCS) initial application may be completed by any business enterprise operated for either profit or nonprofit which does business in New Jersey and recruits adult students from the general public; charges tuition and/or fees; offers instruction to a group or groups of four or more adult students at one time; and offers preparatory instruction for entry-level employment or for upgrading in a specific occupational field.  The application process includes both the New Jersey Department of Education (DOE) and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD). While the processing time for new applications varies, the average approval process for new schools may take up to six months.

Note: The application process for schools applying to run the programs listed below is longer and schools must obtain approval from the corresponding New Jersey State Department/Board prior to approval from the LWD and DOE:

Program New Jersey State Board/Department Approval Required
Certified Medication Aide NJ Department of Health
Certified Nurse Aide NJ Department of Health
Dental Assistant with X-Ray Component N.J. Department of Environmental Protection
Homemaker-Home Health Aide NJ Board of Nursing
Practical Nursing NJ Board of Nursing

If you have any questions about the checklist requirements or specific forms below, please contact the DOE's Postsecondary Private Career School Unit by e-mail at or LWD's Training Evaluation Unit by e-mail at

Individual Components of Initial Application Packet