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Division of Early Childhood Education

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Division of Early Childhood Education 609-376-9077

Assistant Commissioner – Cary Booker

Administrative Assistant - Margarita Boone
Fiscal Specialist - Selina Foreman

Deputy Assistant Commissioner - Tonya Coston

Office Administrator - Pamela Negron

Deputy Assistant Commissioner – Kim Walker

Office of Preschool Education (609) 376-9077

Director - Kimberly Friddell

Clerk – Monica Didier

State-Funded Preschool District Support Team

Grace Becica
Tonia Davis
Tanya Glenn-Butler
Eric Rodney
Kristy Sugg
Denna Watson
Robin Wilkins

Office of Kindergarten-3rd Grade Education (609) 376-9077

Manager - Nicolae Borota

Kindergarten Programs

Beth Wharton

First – Third Grade Programs

Crystal Siniari

Parent and Family Engagement and Special Projects

Wendi Webster O’Dell

Governor’s Council for Young Children (609) 376-9077

Coordinator - Erika Kelley

NJ Head Start Collaboration (609) 376-9077

Director - Suzanne Burnette

NJ-EASEL (New Jersey Enterprise Analysis System for Early Learning)

Leslie Levey
Riddi Parmar