New Jersey Department of Education

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Division of Early Childhood Education

Preschool Expansion Grant

In December 2014, the New Jersey Department of Education  announced that New Jersey was selected to receive a federal grant to provide quality preschool to more than 2,300 children in 17 communities. New Jersey was one of 18 states selected to receive a Preschool Development Grant of up to $17.5 million a year, to be renewed annually for up to four years. The grants are being awarded jointly by the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

With expansion funding through the Preschool Development Grant, New Jersey will bring the components of its high-quality state preschool program, which is now operating in 35 school districts, to 17 additional communities. This funding will help more preschool programs hire certified teachers; implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum; provide coaches to support preschool educators to work with children with disabilities and English language learners; and reduce class size.