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Division of Early Childhood Education

Preschool Guidance & Materials

Preschool Home Language Survey Model

The home language survey should be included at the time of registration for all families to determine if another language is spoken in the home. Any child who speaks a language other than English at home is considered an English language learner (ELL), in need of language support in the home language(s), even if he or she understands and speaks some English. The home language survey should be completed by the primary caregiver (with translators available, if and when needed). It is designed to help school administrators and teachers know how to best support the child and families.

Additionally, as specified in N.J.A.C. 6A:15, Bilingual Education Code: "The district board of education shall also use age-appropriate methodologies to identify limited English proficient preschool students in order to determine their individual language development needs." If the home language survey indicates the primary language is other than English, it should be followed up with an individual conversation between the teacher and the primary caregivers to develop a better understanding of the child's home language environment; and to help families understand the school district's linguistic, social-emotional and academic goals for the children. The home language survey and information gleaned from family conversations should also be used by preschool teachers to inform instruction that addresses the linguistic needs of each child.

Preschool Home Language Survey Model (PDF | Word)