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Educator Recruitment, Preparation, and Recognition

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  • Certification and Licensure:  Interested in teaching in New Jersey? Learn more about the requirements for certification and licensure.
  • Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation: Information about financial assistance for educators and those in public service.
  • New Jersey Future Educators Association (NJFEA): The NJFEA is the statewide organization coordinating the network of individual chapters of the New Jersey Future Educators of America, which supports high school and middle school students who aspire to become teachers.
  • New Teacher Support: If you are looking to teach in New Jersey or have recently secured employment, please use this site to help navigate all the requirements.
  • The Power and Benefits of Clinical Practice: This video speaks to the importance of being a cooperating teacher as well as the impact of clinical interns.
  • Urban Teacher Academy (UTA):  UTA is an intensive summer experience in teaching in urban centers, and in the educational, social, and economic challenges facing urban communities.  This program is especially designed for students who are considering teaching in high poverty schools, hard-to-staff schools and/or high shortage subject areas.