New Jersey Department of Education

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School Finance

Refunds to DOE - State and Federal

Districts are required to use these forms when sending a refund of State Aid or Federal Aid to the Department of Education.  Any payments not accompanied with these forms will be returned to the district.

If the refund is for State Aid programs, mail the check and the form to:

State Aid Refund
New Jersey Department of Education
Office of School Finance
Division of School Finance
Po Box 500
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0500

State Aid Refund Form

If the refund is for Federal Aid programs, mail the check and the form to:
Federal Aid Refund
New Jersey Department of Education
Office Of Budget And Accounting
Po Box 500
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0500

Federal Aid Refund Form

Make all checks payable to: Treasurer, State Of New Jersey
Do not combine Federal and State refunds in a single check.  Please send separate checks and forms for State and Federal refunds.
Federal Law Title 34 CFR 80.21(i) requires any interest earned by LEAs on federal dollars be promptly, but at least quarterly, returned to the United States Department of Education (USDOE) if the amount is in excess of $100. Agencies may keep interest amounts up to $100 per year for administrative expenses.
When returning interest payments to NJDOE follow the same procedure used when returning federal refunds.  To ensure proper posting of interest payments, in addition to including the project or contract number, identify the payment as "Federal Interest Returned."

Form Instructions:
The Check Voucher form is a fillable pdf. You may complete a check voucher for each check sent to the Division of Finance. If you are sending one check that is for more than ten districts, programs, or program years then use more than one check voucher.

Check Voucher Definitions

  1. Name on Check: Enter the name of the organization that is sending the check. This could be your district or school. the Shared Services organization, or the Education Services Commission.
  2. Check Number: The check number of the check that is being mailed to the Division of Finance.
  3. Total Amount of Check: The total dollar amount of the check that is being mailed to the Division of Finance. This total may include refunds from multiple districts, programs, or school years.
  4. Date of Check: The date that the check was issued.
  5. Descriptions: If the check is for multiple districts, programs, projects/contracts, or fiscal/school years, complete a separate line for each.
  6. District: Enter the name of your school district or charter school
  7. County, LEA Code, & Recipient: Enter the state aid or federal aid programs.
  8. Project #/Contract# (if applicable): The Project # or Contract # of the program to which the payment applies.
  9. Fiscal Year or School Year: Enter the fiscal year or school year to which the payment applies. For instance, if the refund is for unexpended 2018-19 Nonpublic Services then you must select "2018-19" as the Fiscal Year regardless of the current year.
  10. Amount: Enter the amount that applies to the specific program, district, and year. The sum of this column should equal "total amount of check" in Item #3 above.

For questions regarding State Aid refunds, please email
For questions regarding Federal Aid refunds, please email