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New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education

Statement from Governor Thomas Kean

The Holocaust remains one of the most disturbing and horrific events of all time.  For that reason some have always maintained that we should not remember it.  That it is best forgotten.  I have always believed the opposite.

When the last survivor is gone people must still remember because only by remembering can we ensure that it never ever happens again and in this regard these are important lessons to be learned.

In western society we have always believed that education, particularly Universal education, is the answer to most of the world's problems.  And yet the perpetrators of this crime were educated people.  Engineers designed the crematorium and doctors prepared the experiments.  How was this possible?

And what is our individual responsibility.  If you know of something evil going on should you report it?  What if in reporting it would endanger your job or even your personnel safety? What is our responsibility as a nation to speak out against persecution or injustice in other parts of the world?

In studying the Holocaust students must confront these and many other difficult questions.  If we are to insure that this is never repeated we must understand how it happened in the first place.  I am proud that New Jersey led the way with a well thought out curriculum which not only will lead to a thorough understanding of the history, but to steps that will ensure that tragedies like the Holocaust will never happen again.

                                                                   Governor Thomas Kean



The core mission of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education is to promote Holocaust education in the State of New Jersey. On a continual basis, the Commission shall survey the status of Holocaust/Genocide Education; design, encourage and promote the implementation of Holocaust and genocide education and awareness; provide programs in New Jersey; and coordinate designated events that will provide appropriate memorialization of the Holocaust on a regular basis throughout the state. The Commission will provide assistance and advice to the public and private schools and will meet with county and local school officials, and other interested public and private organizations, to assist with the study of the Holocaust and genocide.

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The New Jersey Holocaust Commission is an autonomous body operating under its own policies and positions. It acts as a resource to the Department of Education to assist schools with various aspects of meeting the requirements of the mandate to provide Holocaust and genocide education. The commission provides curriculum outlines and suggested activities; identifies and publicizes demonstration sites for other districts to contact; and recommends informational resources and materials for teachers and students to use in the state.

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