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Certification & Induction

Educational Services Personnel

Please read the following overview before going to our specific requirements page. 

If you do not need the overview, click here for a listing of all the areas for Educational Services Personnel and their specific requirements.


Educational services certificates are issued to support service personnel, i.e. school social worker, school psychologist, learning disabilities teacher-consultant, student assistance coordinator, etc.). For most Educational Services certificates, you may only apply for a Standard Certificate. 


You may apply for the CE, CEAS, or Standard certificates for the following titles.  Please click onto each option on the Specific Requirements page for more details on what you may be eligible for:

Student Assistance Coordinator (3461)
Associate Library Media Specialist (2845)
School Library Media Specialist (2855)

Emergency Certificates are available for some titles.  However, you may NOT apply for emergency certificates through our office.  The school district that wants to hire you will have to apply for an emergency certificate through a local county office of education.  Emergency certificates are available for the following titles: 

School Nurse/Non-Instructional (3010)
School Social Worker (3200)
School Counselor (2702)
Director of School Counseling Services (0602)
School Psychologist (3100)
Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (3300)
Reading Specialist (3310)
Associate Library Media Specialist (2845)
School Library Media Specialist (2855)
Cooperative Education Coordinator/Hazardous Occupations (3464)
Cooperative Education Coordinator (3465)
Educational Interpreter: Oral Interpreting (3468)
Educational Interpreter:-Sign Language Interpreting (3463) 
Educational Interpreter:-Cued Speech Transliteration (3469)

Now that you know the types of certificates available, click here for a listing of all the areas for educational services personnel and their specific requirements.

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