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Certification & Induction

Detailed View of New Jersey Certification Process: All Certificates


New Jersey certification is required for any professional staff member employed in New Jersey public schools or in any institution under the supervision of the New Jersey Department of Education, including charter schools and educational facilities within the Department of Corrections, Juvenile Justice Commission and the Department of Human Services. New Jersey’s Office of Certification and Induction works under the authority of the State Board of Examiners which is the educator licensing agency in New Jersey.

All regulations governing the licensing and certification of educators can be found in the New Jersey Administrative Code, Chapter 6A:9B, which is adopted by the New Jersey State Board of Education. In addition, some rules relating to licensing are covered in statute (i.e., they have been passed as law by the state legislature).

The licensure system is grounded in professional standards for pre-service preparation, certification, and professional development and serves to improve the quality of the New Jersey educational workforce so as to support high levels of student learning and the future success of students as they live and work in an increasingly complex global society.


Many types of certificates and titles are available in New Jersey.

Certificates are issued under four categories:

Title refers to the specific subject area in which a certificate holder is authorized to serve.

In addition, the following certificates may be issued when the appropriate requirements have been satisfied:

  • Emergency Certificate: a substandard one-year license issued only in limited fields of educational services. See the Educational Services Personnel page for more details.

  • County Substitute Credential: a temporary certificate issued by the county office which allows the holder to temporarily perform the duties of a fully licensed and regularly employed teacher when none is available. Substitute credential applications can be obtained through local school district offices.

New Jersey’s Three-Step Certification Process for Novice Educators

There are three stages to becoming permanently certified in New Jersey:

The details of each of these stages and the requirements for each certificate are provided in other sections of this Web site, which you may access by using the hot links in this section. A careful reading of the detailed information will help you successfully negotiate your way through the certification process.

Out-of-state teachers, please refer to New Jersey’s reciprocity policies to learn about the certification requirements which apply to you.