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Certification & Induction

I am an out-of-state Principal applying for an NJ Principal Certificate of Eligibility

Step 1. Please read certification requirements

Out-of-State Principal Certificate:

You will need to present a copy of a valid out-of-state principal certificate. Please also present a copy of the license under which your experience was completed if different from your current license.

Test Requirement

There is no Praxis requirement if you have met the above requirements.

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Step 2. Apply Online:

Apply Online

Please apply online at NJ Department of Education for certification through TCIS and pay the fee at

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Step 3. Applicant Checklist

Applicant Checklist

After applying online, please submit ALL necessary documentation together IN A SINGLE PACKET to the NJ DOE in order to complete your application. Please submit the following documents: official sealed transcripts,  out-of-state Principal certificate.

Please click the link below for specific certification requirements.

Please click the link below to apply online.