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Certification & Induction

I am an NJ or out-of-state educator applying for a School Administrator Certificate of Eligibility

Step 1. Please read certification requirements

Certification Requirements: Degree

  • A master's or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university in educational leadership, or in curriculum and instruction, or in one of the recognized fields of leadership or management;

  • OR

  • A master's degree from a regionally accredited college or university and completion of a post-master's program resulting in a certificate of advanced study in educational administration and supervision;

  • OR

  • A master's degree from a regionally accredited college or university and completion ofa post-master's program in a coherent sequence of 30 semester hour credits. The study must be completed at one institution in the fields outlined above

  • OR

  • A master's degree from an NCATE- or TEAC-approved program in educational leadership from an out-of-state college or university. All credits/degree(s) must appear on a regionally accredited four-year college transcript.

Required Graduate Study:

A minimum of 30 graduate credits, either within the master's program or in addition to it, in the following quality components of preparation to promote student learning as set forth in N.J.A.C. 6A:9B-3.4(a)1-6, the Professional Standards for School Leaders.

These areas include:

  • Leading a common vision of learning in the school community;
  • Leading a climate and culture conducive to student learning and staff professional growth;
  • Leading a safe and effective environment for learning or leading the mobilization of resources, response to diverse needs, and collaboration with families and communities;
  • Leading with integrity and fairness and/or leading with a perspective of the larger political, social, economic and legal context.

Required Graduate Study:

If you have completed a program in an area other than Educational Leadership, you must send both official college catalog course descriptions for review AND an original letter from the Department Chairperson at the college or university outlining the course or courses in which the areas above are included. All graduate credits must appear on a regionally accredited four-year college/university transcript.

Internship Requirement

Complete a 150-hour internship in educational leadership independent of other course requirements. PLEASE NOTE: You must submit an original letter from the Educational Leadership Department Chairperson from the university where your program was completed detailing the hours and assignment of your internship experience as part of your application for this endorsement.

Praxis Test Requirement

Please contact ETS to register for the School Superintendents Assessment (SSA #6021).

Experience Requirement

You must complete five years of successful educational experience in a public or nonpublic school, a public or nonpublic school district, or a regionally accredited higher educational setting in New Jersey or out of state.

Please send in an original letter documenting five years of full-time educational experience from a school official. The letter should include information about full- or part-time status, specific assignment and dates of employment.

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Step 2. Apply Online:

Apply Online

Please apply online at NJ Department of Education for certification through TCIS and pay the fee at

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Step 3. Applicant Checklist

Applicant Checklist

After applying online, please submit ALL necessary documentation together IN A SINGLE PACKET to the NJ DOE in order to complete your application. Please submit the following documents: official sealed transcripts, copy of test scores, out-of-state teaching certificate (if applicable) and letter of teaching or educational services experience.

Please click the link below for specific certification requirements.

Please click the link below to apply online.