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Comprehensive Health and Physical Education (K-12)


We look forward to your review and feedback of the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education model curriculum which was developed from, and aligned, to the 2009 New Jersey Student Learning Standards. As you review the model curriculum it might be helpful to reference the 2009 Comprehensive Health and Physical Education standards.

The model curriculum is not intended to provide daily learning objectives but rather a sequence of five units of study with corresponding assessments.  The Student Learning Objectives (SLO) for each unit should provide clear learning targets for student achievement and mastery.   Each unit contains scaffolding to monitor achievement and mastery through each grade level contained in the grade band. The time frame to teach each Health and Physical Education unit may be modified to accommodate each school's program and student needs.

At the start of each document, you will find a brief overview of the grade band units which will provide additional context for how the units were organized and sequenced. Thank you again for taking the time to review the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education model curriculum.

Physical Education Course Overviews (Standards Into Units)

Health Course Overviews (Standards Into Units)