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For Release: December 6, 2005

MonmouthCounty Safety Program Encourages Students to ‘Reach for Your Dreams’

The Eight Rules of Safety

The Monmouth County Office of Education and the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office have joined forces in a prevention program designed to educate children in the community about the dangers of drugs and violence.  Called “Reach for Your Dreams,” the program features a “dream team” of individuals who have overcome adversities and achieved success, who now want to touch students with a message of hope.

“We should never underestimate the value of role models in the lives of our young people,” said Acting Commissioner of Education Lucille E. Davy.  “Role models who have risen above a troubled past can be especially effective, since they are living examples that it’s never too late to make a fresh start and strive for a positive and successful life.”

“Dream Team” members are carefully screened volunteers who deliver a powerful personal message on the reality of drug addiction and its devastating effects on their lives.  The program will begin next month with presentations made to upper elementary, middle and high school audiences. 

“Reach for Your Dreams” is the latest in a series of programs co-sponsored by the Monmouth County Office of Education and Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office.  Other programs include “Knowing My Eight Rules of Safety” (see attached), and “Safe Surfing,” an internet child safety program that addresses safety techniques including the dangers of chat rooms, how to respond to inappropriate “pop-ups,” so-called “free” offers that sound too good to be true, and requests for personal information from possible predators.

All three programs are based on programs that have been used successfully elsewhere.