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Christie Administration Announces $13.8 Billion in Education Funding for Fiscal Year 2018

For Immediate Release
Contact: David Saenz
Date: March 2, 2017

Trenton, NJ – The Christie Administration today released state school aid figures for fiscal year 2018 which, for the seventh consecutive year, provide the highest level of state aid supporting pre-K–12 education in New Jersey's history. Education spending now represents 39 percent of the total statewide budget – the highest in recent history.

Governor Christie's proposed budget would allocate $13.8 billion toward public education. That amount, which is an increase of $523.2 million from fiscal year 2017, includes direct aid to schools and debt service for school construction, as well as pension, Social Security and post-retirement health benefits for teachers. Of the total funding, $9.2 billion is direct aid to be distributed across New Jersey school districts – an increase of more than $16.1 million from fiscal year 2017 levels. State support for school aid has increased by over 46 percent since Governor Christie took office in 2010.

District-by-district state aid allocations are available on the NJDOE website.