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NJ SMART Education Data System

About Student ID Management

About Student ID Management Icon One of the primary goals of the  December 2006 NJ SMART data submission was to collect information required to create unique student identification (SID) numbers for every student in the New Jersey public school system. With SIDs issued in March 2007, districts must now include them on all student transcripts, permanent record files and other important student records.
Student identification plays an important role in data management for New Jersey. Each student is assigned a unique student identifier in NJ SMART to track that student's history within New Jersey longitudinally. NJ SMART's effective management of student identifiers allows LEAs to perform the following functions among others:

  • Acquire new student SIDs
  • View and download existing SIDs
  • Correct errors that prevent a SID from being issued
  • Resolve conflict records
  • Manage unresolved records
  • Update individual student data
  • Upload files
  • Generate District Reports data for internal analysis
  • Track each student's progress towards graduating on-time with their 4-year cohort

LEA Best Practices in Managing Student IDs

The following tips are intended to encourage best practices within LEAs when handling student identifiers (SIDs).

  • SID Management is open for the entire school year 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week for LEAs to assign and manage SIDs at their convenience. Districts should feel enabled to engage when necessary in student data management outside of NJ SMART portal maintenance and enhancement periods.
  • A student should have the same SID when transferring from one LEA to another. It is recommended the SID be marked on transfer cards to assist the receiving district in attaining the correct SID for transfer students.
  • If the information is not provided in a student's documentation when a student enters a school, a LEA can determine if the student already has a SID assigned through NJ SMART. If not, a LEA can request a new SID for the student without delay.
  • SID Management data must be maintained and updated on a regular basis to reflect the current status of all students in your school. Districts are advised to be proactive in keeping data up to date and ensuring their local SIS system remains in sync with NJ SMART.
  • Every student must have a SID number to be submitted to subsequent or official submissions such as the State Submission, Special Education Submission, CTE Submission, and Pre-ID Submission.

The most up to date versions of the SID Management Student Handbook (including an updated Appendix on NJ SMART Reporting Responsibilities) and the file templates can be downloaded from the Documents for Downloads page.

Updates to SID Management

2018-2019 School Year:

A new element has been added to SID Management. NJ SMART began collection of the data element InDistrictPlacement on April 15, 2019.

Acceptable values have been updated for ELAGraduationPathwayIndicator and MathGraduationPathwayIndicator.

LEPProgramStartDate and LEPProgramCompletionDate have been renamed.  These fields have been replaced with ELLIdentificationDate and ELLExitDate.
Acceptable values have been updated for SchoolExitWithdrawalCode.
Warnings have been added to NonPublic and CumulativeDaysInMembership.

2017-2018 School Year:

Attendance data for both active and inactive students will be collected in SID Management in the fields of: CumulativeDaysInMembership, CumulativeDaysPresent, and CumulativeDaysTowardsTruancy. 
Acceptable values have been updated for MilitaryConnectedStudentIndicator.

2016-2017 School Year:

A validation rule has been added to the Program Type Code field. The County Vocational Program Type Codes will now validate against the Grade Level field in SID Management. The Program Type Code grade must match the Grade Level submitted for the student or an Error will occur. For example, if a vocational student is submitted with a Program Type Code of "34" (34 = Regular County Vocational School Grade 9) the student must be submitted with a Grade Level of "09" (09 = Grade 9).

2015-2016 School Year

A new element has been added to SID Management. NJ SMART began the collection of the data element "Military Connected Student Indicator", in SID Management as of August 6, 2015.

2014-2015 School Year

A new data element has been added to SID Management.  NJ SMART began the collection of the data element, "Resident Municipal Code", in SID Management as of August 7, 2014.  This data element was previously collected in the State Submission. 

2013-2014 School Year:

New data elements added to SID Management.  NJ SMART began the collection of nine additional data elements in SID Management in the 2013-2014 School Year.  These data elements were previously collected in the State Submission.  The data elements include: "Program Type Code", "LEP Program Start Date", "LEP Program Completion Date", "Free and Reduced Lunch Status", "Special Education Classification", "Tuition Code", "Grade Level", "Retained" and "Non Public".

2011-2012 School Year:

The School Exit Withdrawal Code element received a new value. Parentally Place Exited (PPE) is now a part of the acceptable values for School Exit Withdrawal Code. This value is used for a student who was parentally placed in a sectarian or non-sectarian private school within the submitting district and was eligible for special education and related services. The code should be used when the student is no longer eligible for special education and related services or is no longer attending the sectarian/ non-sectarian school within the submitting district.

New data elements added to SID Management.  NJ SMART began the collection of four additional data elements in SID Management in the 2011-2012 School Year.  The data elements include: Cumulative Days in Membership, Cumulative Days Present, Cumulative Days Towards Truancy, and Enrollment Type Code.

Special education students that are parentally placed in a non-public school are now collected in NJ SMART.  As of August 8, 2011, LEAs are required to upload parentally placed non-public students to SID Management in order to acquire SID numbers. LEAs may not have information for City, State, and Country of Birth for all students; therefore a checkbox has been made available to allow those fields to be left blank.

2010-11 School Year:

All graduates and transfer-outs must be inactivated in NJ SMART by August.  Beginning in 2010-2011, districts were required to close out the school year by inactivating all students that would not be returning to their LEA for the following school year. These updates contributed to the implementation of the High School Graduation Rate District Report. Districts can expect to continue to inactivate regular school year and summer graduates each year in August. Districts should check key dates frequently for deadlines specific to their current school year.
Further Clarification: The following graduates and transfer-outs should be inactivated.

  • Students in 6th or 8th grade that are leaving a K-6 or K-8 and transferring to a regional school - It is important for that regional school to have the ability to upload and view those students' data in order to assist in their school placement.
  • Students in 12th grade that are graduating or transferring - It is important to inactivate these students by the August regular school year deadline or August summer school deadline depending on when that student left the LEA in order to accurately calculate the graduation rate. 

Key Dates and Deadlines

Please refer to the following dates for SID Management related events. Remember that all submission data is erased on Practice Period or Local Data Mart deadlines in preparation for the Official Submission. Save a copy of your practice files.

  • October 19, 2018: Open Local Data Mart Period SID Management
  • June 28, 2019: Snapshot SID Management
  • July 2, 2019: Open Local Data Mart Period SID Management
  • August 2, 2019: Deadline to Inactivate Regular 2018-2019 SY High School Graduates

Training Information

For detailed information on all trainings offered by NJ SMART, please visit the Training Information page.