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Parent & Family Portal

The NJ DOE uses the broad terms "parent" and "parent and family" to refer to any adult who plays a primary role and significant responsibility in a child's family life. The NJ DOE recognizes and respects that other individuals may also have opportunities to support the parenting, education and well-being of children and youth. Such individuals might include grandparents, relatives, stepparents, adult siblings, guardians, foster parents, etc. The NJ DOE is committed to working for all New Jersey children and encourages support and engagement in the advancement of their learning and development.

The NJ DOE uses the phrase "engagement in student learning and development" to refer to acts that focus on the enrichment of classroom learning, child development and the advancement of student achievement. Engagement is formed through meaningful, two-way communication and shared goals for student learning and performance in school and outside of the classroom. Parents and families can add value to students' classroom experiences and support their child's learning across multiple settings when they are informed about what their child is learning, how they are learning it and how he or she can apply the new knowledge and skills. Parent and families are engaged in learning and development when they prompt, support, observe, and reinforce their child's progress. The impact of engagement is further enhanced when parents, families and educators partner to combine their knowledge about the child's needs, progression of learning and achievements. Fully implemented parent and family engagement in student learning and development, combined with educators' knowledge of teaching and learning, can have a dynamic impact on a child's future.