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Student Learning Expectations

Photo of children in a classroom

What our students learn in our schools from Preschool-12 is determined by several things:

First, the state creates standards for every grade span which define the broad concepts that children in New Jersey schools should know and be able to do as they progress toward graduation. There are standards in nine topical areas with coordinators in charge of the nine subjects. The first statewide standards were adopted in 1996, and they have been revised every five years.

Second, districts analyze the concepts in the standards, and they create curricula that relate to the standards but are much more detailed in defining how teachers are to present the broad concepts in their lesson plans. To assist districts, the Department offers curricular frameworks in math and English language arts.  The district's curriculum documents should be available for viewing at the district business office and questions would be directed to the superintendent.

The third factor in determining what is taught to our students is the teacher's daily lesson plan which uses the district's curriculum to teach students the concepts in the state's standards. Questions about any particular lesson can be directed to your child's teacher.

Information on learning standards that span early childhood to high school graduation:

The following are some useful resources to help parents be more engaged in their child's education: