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Note: The audio versions of all episodes are available on the DOE Digest webpage.

2019 Episodes

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Ken Bond: Hi, my name is Ken Bond. The New Jersey Department of Education is starting a new podcast called “DOE Digest” and I’m the host. This podcast is based on the simple premise that, as educators, the greatest resource we have is each other.

It will be a platform for information exchange where the Department will highlight the work being done by innovative and transformative educators around the state.
Each episode my guests and I will tackle different subjects. We’ll be focusing in on the what, why, and most importantly, the how of education.

We want to hear from you and learn from you, so we are leveraging digital media platforms to expand our reach. Each podcast will be followed by a Twitter chat where we can discuss questions about the episode as a statewide professional learning network.

You can subscribe to the podcast channel for DOE Digest through your iPhone in the Apple podcast app or wherever else you listen to podcasts.

The first episode will drop sometime this spring.

We look forward to connecting and engaging with you about educating the 1.4 million students around the state. Thanks.

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