Clayton High School is a comprehensive school with a population of approximately 350 students in grades 9 through 12. Our High School has been recognized twice by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top High Schools in New Jersey. Our school environment provides teachers with the opportunity to build a rapport and tailor instruction to meet the needs of the classes. Each week teachers attend Professional Learning Communities (PLC) including grade level and department meetings to address student achievement, teaching methods, curricular issues, student problems, and collaboration of instruction. Aside from a variety of academic and general course offerings in math, language arts, science, social studies, and world languages, we are also proud to offer our students AP courses for college credit. We provide a rich variety of electives that include JROTC, Band, Chorus, Select Choir, American Military History, Art, Computer Graphic Arts, Video Production, Accounting, Internet Resources, Drafting, CAD, Technical Services, Personal Finance, Introduction to Mass Media, Music courses, Web Page Design, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Senior Internships. Through our Office Computer Applications course, students are able to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. Our art program was recognized with a New Jersey “Best Practice” award. In addition, our partnership with Camden County College provides Spanish III, Spanish IV, French III, and French IV students with the opportunity to receive college credit while still in high school.
Our Child Study Team, Guidance Department, Special Education Department, and Student Assistance Counselor provide friendly assistance to students and parents in addressing special learning needs and at risk behaviors. Clayton Place, our school-based student services program, provides a variety of counseling services and tutoring for our students. Four days a week after school, Clayton Place offers tutoring for our students that are in need of improving their grades. We recognize that with the variety of social issues confronting our students today a caring administration and faculty, along with good student assistance resources, are essential to the success of our students in realizing their goals. We have a freshmen-mentoring program and a freshman seminar class to assist students with their transition into high school. The purpose of the mentoring program is to provide encouragement and guidance in helping students graduate from high school and plan for their future endeavors. The freshman seminar curriculum is centered on Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.” Students spend two days a week in the seminar class and three days a week in physical education class participating in “Project Adventure” cooperative learning activities.

Through grants and the support of the community, our school provides technological resources and training that enable our students to compete in a global economy and meet the challenges of a technological society. Our classrooms are all wired for voice, video, and computer network access with at least one computer connected to the Internet to provide for distance learning opportunities. We have several computer labs for class instruction along with mobile wireless computer labs that can be easily set up in any location around our school. All our classrooms are “Smart Classrooms” for interactivity using computer data, graphics, and video media. We are also able to offer online “Virtual” courses. These course offerings will allow students to pursue career diploma programs or take Advance Placement Courses (AP) for college credit.

In addition to our excellent academic programs, we are very proud that more than 50% of the student body participates in our co-curricular programs. It is a challenging task to provide diverse scholastic athletic programs along with band, chorus, drama, student council, and a variety of clubs and organizations in a school our size. But we are committed to providing these opportunities because we believe an “involved student is a successful student”. Maintaining our extra and co curricular programs have only been possible by the dedication of our coaches and advisors, the support of the community, and the willingness of our students to be involved in their high school experience.

We believe that our mission is to collaborate with parents and the community to provide a safe, caring, and engaging learning environment where all students achieve the Common Core Curriculum Content Standards along with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to succeed in a global society.

Nikolaos Koutsogiannis, High School Principal
(856) 881-8701