Welcome to the Lambertville Public School District Performance Report. The Lambertville Public School District houses students in grades K-6 with a pre-school program for disabled students from Lambertville and nearby West Amwell Township. Lambertville Public School (LPS) also accepts Choice students from other school districts in the area. LPS is located in beautiful Hunterdon County, which is a mixture of farms, small businesses, and professionals working in multiple fields throughout the state.
The focus of the Lambertville Public School District is to prepare students to lead productive lives in the 21st century. Problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, interpersonal skills, healthy lifestyles and helping others are interwoven throughout each curriculum area.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) are emphasized in the Lambertville Public School District. Students’ written, verbal and listening skills are infused into each curricula area, as are an understanding of how the world around them impacts their daily lives. Students engage in interactive problem-solving activities utilizing technologies, such as Smart Boards, IPads, laptops, EdModo, digital photography and digital probes. Through a grant from Exxon-Mobil, students have access to Lego robotics and digital microscopes. Afterschool clubs include Robotics and Science Olympiad. This year, elementary engineering has been added to the curriculum.

Parent involvement is an integral component of the LPS and the Parent-Teacher Association provides multiple opportunities for student enrichment and parent-student activities.
The students of LPS also benefit from the generosity of the Lambertville Area Educational Fund (LAEF), which provides grants to teachers for iPads, archery, educational field trips, basket creations and other educational tools.

Students in LPS participate in music, art, World Languages, technology, physical education, gifted and talented, and Library courses that emphasize core knowledge in each area with an interdisciplinary approach.

Students interact with their peers at the West Amwell, Stockton, and South Hunterdon Regional High School through site visits and the use of social media technology. Teachers from each district also participate in shared professional development activities and on-going collaboration to provide vertical and horizontal articulation between and among all grades from pre K-12.
Teachers and administrators from the West Amwell, Lambertville, Stockton and South Hunterdon Regional High School Districts utilize Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Effective Teaching to ensure that a common understanding of effective teaching exists in our learning community. Our administrators utilize the Kim Marshall approach to effective school leadership.

The various ability levels of students are addressed through differentiated instruction, basic skills, inclusion, resource rooms, and enrichment programs. An Autistic class and pre-school program for disabled children, in addition to a full day Kindergarten program, provide the educational support enabling children to succeed academically, emotionally and behaviorally. State test scores demonstrate students meeting and or exceeding established benchmarks in most areas.

In September, 2013, the communities of West Amwell, Lambertville and Stockton voted to approve the dissolution of the South Hunterdon Regional High School District and the formation of a new pre K-12 school district. This forward style thinking epitomizes the collective communities and is indicative of their can-do attitude. A team comprised of members of each community is now in place to help streamline the transition to the new district.

On behalf of the Lambertville Public School Board of Education, I encourage you to visit the district web site at: to learn more about the Lambertville Public School, a beacon of excellence in Hunterdon County. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@LPSLeopard).

Yours in Education,
Michael G. Kozak, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Lambertville Public School District

Dr Michael Kozak
(609) 397-0183