Monmouth Regional High School (25-3270-050)

Monmouth Regional is a comprehensive high school serving a culturally diverse student population of approximately 1050 students. Pupils attending reside in the Monmouth County communities of Eatontown, Shrewsbury Township, and Tinton Falls. In addition, some students come from the military facility of Earle Naval Weapons Station. This cultural diversity is one of the intrinsic strengths of Monmouth Regional

Monmouth Regional High School offers a comprehensive educational program that was developed to meet the needs of all students, whether they are in need of advanced placement courses, remedial instruction or something in between. To accomplish this we provide an exemplary curriculum of required and elective courses, including vocational and life skills designed to encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and intellectual inquiry. Essential to the success of the learning process is the careful guidance that we provide through five Guidance Counselors and two Child Study Teams.

Our high level programs are unparalleled. Monmouth Regional offers a uniquely rigorous academic challenge to gifted ninth and tenth grade students in our Advanced Placement Academy. In addition, we offer sixteen advanced placement courses. A Senior-Year Option is offered to Monmouth Regional students. This includes independent studies, internships, and college courses. Monmouth Regional is affiliated with Monmouth University and Brookdale Community College in college credit bearing programs for work completed during high school. Our students and staff are high achievers who are continuously recognized locally and nationally.

Technology is utilized to provide the means to meet the needs of different learning styles and to prepare students for the demands of life in the twenty-first century. Internet access is available in the Media Center, three computer labs and in every classroom throughout eh building. These computer labs are available for college searches, programming courses, tutorial, Class Link and word processing. Computers are used in the Cisco Networking Academies, Graphic Arts and Architectural Design courses. Monmouth Regional is dedicated to integrating technology into the entire educational program which is evident through the use of active boards throughout the school building..

Monmouth Regional High School adopts the philosophy that an extensive co- and extra- curricular program is equally essential to the social, physical, and emotional growth of all students. A nurturing environment is provided in which students and staff may flourish, where positive peer relationships are promoted, and where we model as well as teach the responsibilities of democratic citizenship.

Mr Andrew Teeple
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