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In the middle of the Borough of Oaklyn, a town of about 4,000 residents, sits the Oaklyn Public School. Today, this historic school building that was constructed in 1926 serves 409 students in pre-kindergarten through ninth grade. In addition to resident students, children residing in the Borough of Hi-Nella also attend this school. Oaklyn has been described by its residents as a small town with a close-knit community feel. Quite a few of the students who attend the Oaklyn Public School have parents who were also Oaklyn students and now alumni. Oaklyn was approved as a Choice School as of the 2014-2015 school year. If you are interested in sending your child/children to the Oaklyn Public School for the 2015-16 school year, please contact our main office at (856) 858-0335 x226, or visit our website at www.oaklynschool.org for additional information.
The average class size in kindergarten through ninth grade is twenty students. Our staff is made up of 40 highly qualified teachers, 10 instructional assistants, a guidance counselor, and a school nurse. The Building Principal, Child Study Team Supervisor, and the Chief Performance Officer are the on-site administrators. Our in house Child Study Team is made up of a supervisor/school psychologist, a speech therapist, a part-time school social worker and a school psychologist intern. The entire Oaklyn staff is dedicated to life long learning. Each year, our school district provides high quality, sustained professional development through which our teachers can improve their craft. Through these workshops, Oaklyn teachers gain the skills necessary to promote student achievement and success through best practices in their classrooms. Working as members of a professional learning community, teachers will be able to continue improving instruction within all areas and across all grade levels.

In addition to implementing curricula that is aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards, some of the extra academic services available to our students include Gifted and Talented, ESL, and Basic Skills. We also have an on-site Child Study Team (CST). The CST offers special needs students the support they require in order to be successful. We have a preschool disabled program, in-class resource and pull-out resource programs available at all grade levels, and other self-contained classes that enable us to meet the needs of all students.

Even during difficult financial times, the Oaklyn Public School has never strayed from recognizing the importance of the arts and academic enrichment. Pre-kindergarten through ninth grade students participate in Music, Art, Computers, Library, and Spanish. Our Jr. High students also have a cycle course that exposes them to the 21st Century skills such as Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy skills. In addition to our general music teacher, Oaklyn also has a successful band program. Our students have the opportunity to perform in many choral and instrumental productions throughout the school year.

Sports and other extracurricular activities are also offered to the students of Oaklyn through a shared services agreement with the Collingswood Public Schools. Our students in grades 6-9 are encouraged to take advantage of all of the athletic programs and extracurricular activities that Collingswood has to offer. Our younger students can participate in the various athletic programs that are offered by the town of Oaklyn such as basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and cheerleading. Most of these organizations use our school facilities for their practices and/or games.

Many extracurricular activities, assemblies, grants, and scholarships are provided by groups who dedicate their time in order to make a difference in the lives of our students. A few key organizations that help raise money to benefit our students include our very active and supportive Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the Oaklyn Municipal Alliance Youth Services Commission (OMAYSC) and the Oaklyn Education Foundation (OEA). We appreciate the consistent support these organizations offer our students and staff members.

The Oaklyn Police Department and Fire Department are also very active within the school. Every year the firefighters come to the school for Fire Prevention Week and provide assemblies for our students. They also partake in some of our fire drills throughout the year. The Police Department has worked very closely with our administration and staff to develop our school’s security plans and implement our security drills.

As the Oaklyn School Principal, my goal is to provide a learning environment where students feel safe, receive the best education possible, and gain a feeling of belonging to our school as well as the larger community. I believe that all students can learn and succeed when given the proper tools and support to do so. This can be accomplished when all stakeholders work together as a team. With this being said, I am confident that this goal will be fairly easy to accomplish due to the dedication displayed by our Oaklyn parents, teachers, administrators, Board of Education and the community.

I hope this profile has helped answer some of the questions you may have had about the Oaklyn Public School District. If you would like additional information, please visit our website at www.oaklynschool.org or contact me during school hours at the number or email listed below.


Ms Jennifer Boulden
(856) 858-0335