The underlying philosophy of Clinton Township Middle School is “Community & Teamwork Motivate Success”. This motto embodies our belief that the education of a child is a team effort and is through the collaborative partnership and commitment of all the stakeholders; students, parents, educators and community members, that our students will be provided an environment that supports and celebrates learning while preparing them to become leaders and learners in the rapidly changing 21st Century.

Opened in 2007, the Clinton Township Middle School is the newest school in the district. It serves approximately 420 seventh and eighth grade students. The student body is comprised of Clinton Township students, Lebanon Borough students, and a number of School Choice students.

The team structure of our school is one key contributor to the success of our students and programs. The team model creates small flexible learning communities acknowledging the individual needs of students and the expertise of educators while enhancing the continuity of our academic program. Recognizing that not everyone learns at the same pace, our students are heterogeneously grouped within teams, and instruction is differentiated to address learning styles and readiness. Continuity of the program is maintained through team planning sessions where teachers plan curricular units, create new activities, develop assessment instruments, conference with parents, and perform a variety of educational tasks.

Our school recognizes that middle school student readiness is not static and that development can be strengthened in all students. To tackle this challenge our school-wide enrichment program follows the Renzulli model and is available to all students. As a broad based program, it is guided by three goals: 1) to develop the talent potential of all young people by assessing their strengths and providing enrichment opportunities and resources to develop those strengths, and using a flexible approach to curricular differentiation and the use of school time, 2) to improve academic performance of all students in all areas of the regular curriculum, and 3) to blend into the curriculum enrichment activities that will engage students in meaningful and enjoyable learning. Students are exposed to, and are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of programs.

Clinton Township Middle School is committed to the seamless integration of technology in the learning process. Classrooms include instructional technologies that enhance visual and auditory methods. Computers are available to students in classroom and computer labs, along with wireless laptop labs with Chrome Books. All classrooms are equipped with either LCD projectors, SMART Board and/or Doceri Interactive Whiteboards. Staff and students access Google Docs as a paperless form of communication. All classrooms have sound amplification systems. Faculty members maintain class wikis and websites, which enable parents to receive curriculum and homework updates. Technology training is on going.

There are numerous opportunities for students to explore other interests in their unified arts classes. In these classes, students have experiences in visual art technology, video production, instrumental and comprehensive music, health, and physical education. Additionally, we offer a variety of co-curricular activities including sports and clubs. Interscholastic sports include girls and boys soccer, cross-country, girls volleyball, girls and boys basketball, girls and boys lacrosse, softball, and baseball. Clubs offered include art, various band and choral groups, guitar, yearbook, newspaper, ski, drama, and student council. Students involved in student council serve as a voice for their classmates in many aspects of school life.

The Clinton Township Middle School guidance department consists of two counselors who monitor the same group of students for two consecutive years. The counselors provide individual and small group counseling that address the social and emotional needs of our students as they mature through adolescence. Appreciating that students need to assume responsibility and share their passion for helping others, the counselors coordinate a peer leadership program. Peer leaders serve a variety of roles throughout the school year modeling positive character traits for their classmates.

The Clinton Township PTA supports our school through voluntary efforts of many parents. Parent volunteers coordinate grade-level activities and cultural arts activities, as well as fund-raising efforts to support these important programs. Grade level parent volunteers serve on the CTMS District Community Committee. The committee meets once a month to discuss topics related to the school and individual grade levels. Committee members include 7th, and 8th grade parents and staff members. School-based volunteers provide daily assistance with organizational details in the office and media center. The Clinton Township Foundation for Educational Excellence provides grant opportunities that allow teachers to explore innovative programs that enhance learning.

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