ELMER ELEM SCHOOL (33-4150-080)

The Elmer School has been part of the Pittsgrove Township School District for 4 years. Previously the Borough of Elmer’s Kindergarten through fourth grade children attended school at the Elmer School while the rest of their students participated in a send/receive agreement with Pittsgrove Township Schools for grades five through twelve. A full send/receive agreement with the Elmer Borough Board of Education was reached for the 2010-2011 school year. All students from both Pittsgrove and Elmer attend school together from preschool through twelfth grade. Elmer Elementary School now houses 200 Pittsgrove and Elmer students in grades one and two.
As you review the information in the Report Card, please make note that Elmer School is being compared to traditional elementary schools throughout New Jersey, not just elementary schools with grades one and two. Information is for approximately 200 students in grades 1 & 2 from Pittsgrove Township, Elmer Borough and a few School Choice Students from surrounding areas.

In grade 1 there were 5 classrooms with the average class size of 19 students which is acceptable and in grade 2 there were 5 classrooms that averaged 20 students and is a somewhat large for a primary classroom.

Elmer School had a special education classroom that included in-class support and a Basic Skills program for students needing extra support with their academics, including reading instruction. We were able to offer an after school Title I program for students needing extra reading, writing and math instruction and practice.

All of our students receive instruction by specialists in the areas of art, music, physical education, and library sciences. This instruction is integrated with the academic areas and provides enrichment for our students. Students have access to a computer lab and ipads that provide students with the opportunity to extend their learning in the classroom.

Elmer School offers many Literacy and Reading incentives throughout the school and as grade levels such as “Authors Spotlight”. Elmer School provided themed Family Fun Nights for our Elmer School students and families.

Elmer School provides a wonderful environment for elementary students. The children will make significant academic strides and social growth as they continue their educational career at Elmer School. If you have any questions about the curriculum or the information contained in the Report Card, please contact me at Elmer School.

Mr. Daniel Bruce
(856) 358-6761 x4770