The Sandyston-Walpack Consolidated School district is small and rural. It has one school building housing 150 students in kindergarten through sixth grade. The school district has 20 certificated staff, most with many years of experience and many with advanced degrees. There are 13 support staff members. Many staff are part-time, both certificated and support. The school district has relatively small classes, and a high ratio of staff to students enabling every student to receive a considerable amount of individual attention. The school has had a reputation for high academic achievement with the district's test scores typically being among the highest in the county.
Sandyston-Walpack School district spans 50 square miles and encompasses a vast amount of public land including parts of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Stokes State Forest and New Jersey Fish and Game lands. The amount of public land ensures the rural flavor of the community.

The school serves as a center for much of the community activity including all the school's extra and co-curricular areas, local recreation programs, Scout groups and 4-H groups.

The school community is well served by the local Parent-Teacher Organization and the Sandyston-Walpack Educational Foundation. The two groups provide scholarships, teacher grants, assembly programs, special activities, and a local student produced live television program, titled "Primetime Live". These organizations involve many of our district's parents and a number of community residents whose children have long since moved on to the high school and beyond.

The district has always had strong support from the community in terms of local school funding. The district receives federal funding from Impact Aid, Section 8002, in lieu of lost ratables resulting from the federal government's acquisition of 18,000 acres for part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. These federal funds have traditionally been used to help offset local property taxes and to create both capital and maintenance reserves.

In the past signs throughout the school read, "Sandyston-Walpack - a place to learn, a place to play, a place to grow, and a great place to be a kid." Those signs are going back up because they are still true today.

Mr Martin G. Sumpman
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