State Report Card Narrative, 2013-14

Great Meadows Regional is a K-8 school district with an enrollment of approximately 900 students. High school students attend Hackettstown High School as part of a sending/ receiving agreement. Great Meadows Regional consists of the contiguous townships of Independence and Liberty, is located in central Warren County and encompasses 32.35 square miles. We are home to two elementary cluster schools, housing K-2 and children in grades 3-5, respectively, in addition to the middle school.

Our schools provide students with the characteristics of effective schools:

• A safe and orderly environment.
• A clear and focused mission.
• Principals, who serve as instructional leaders.
• A program aligned with the Common Core Curriculum
• Dedicated Staff committed to student achievement.
• A supportive Board of Education.
• Parents who are partners in school activities.

Our students come to us with a strong desire to learn and an understanding that their achievement is the primary intent of the work of the adults around them. Our focus is preparing our students to successfully function in a global economy and this annual summary of our efforts reflects the commitment of the staff and parents to realize this goal.

David C. Mango, Superintendent of Schools
(908) 637-6576

Mr David C. Mango
(908) 637-6576