The Hammonton Public School System serves children from Hammonton, Waterford, and Folsom - as well as over 140 NJ Department of Education Choice students. Our community members are highly involved in our exciting initiatives.

The 2014-2015 school year was very successful. Some accomplishments include:

Google Classroom - With the additional Chrome Books purchased for the elementary school, middle school and the high school; teachers in grades 4-12 have incorporated Google Classroom to enhance instruction and to promote student directed learning.

Technology - we added additional classes in graphics arts and approximately 300 more Chrome Books for departments (physical education, world language, and English).

Academies for gifted and talented students - at Warren E. Sooy and Hammonton Middle School that include Science, Technology, Engineering and Math academies

Readiness Courses- In preparation for new state assessments. Rather than focusing on remediation, these courses are designed to prepare our students for their current content classes by building on their background knowledge and incorporating performance based tasks. These classes are offered to students in grades 9-11 in language arts, algebra 1, geometry and algebra 2.

The faculty of the Hammonton School District is always increasing the opportunities for learning for the students. For the 2015-2016 school year, we have the following initiatives:

Dramatically increase the amount of science instruction and science labs in grades 1-5.

Re-align our social studies program for grades K-12 by infusing high interest concepts in every grade.

Further development of Writers Workshop in grades kindergarten to 5th.

Please visit our school website at www.hammontonps.org to see how we are meeting that goal.

Also, look at our Hammonton High School section, news, and the Devil's Advocate for all the latest High School events.