The Rochelle Park School District, located in Bergen County operates a kindergarten through eighth grade program as well as a tuition-based pre-K program and an Autistic pre-K program. With our curricula aligned to the New Jersey Common Core Standards our students are provided a strong academic foundation in a small school/class environment. Class sizes in our lower grades are typically under 20 students per class and our faculty truly gets to know our student population well. Our programs support and enhance the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of each and every student and we are committed to providing our students with the skill and motivation to become lifelong learners. Upon graduation, our students attend Hackensack High School, as part of a long-term sending/receiving relationship or have the option of applying to the Bergen County Academies and Technical Schools or a private school.

With the passage of a facility referendum in January of 2014, the district is just completing a large number of facility related projects that have not only improved our instructional environment, but have also improved energy efficiency and security. Projects included roof replacements, boiler replacement, window replacement, lighting upgrades in both classrooms and corridors, bathroom renovations, entry door upgrades as well as security upgrades and renovations to our clock and Public Address systems. We also now provide a "Smart Board" in every classroom and have increased the availability of mobile laptop carts so that teachers have more opportunities to integrate technology into their weekly lesson plans.

The Rochelle Park School District values education and fully supports our students and faculty as we provide the academic and co-curricular opportunities for each child to reach his/her goals. We work to have our classrooms become exciting places to learn and grow, and the achievements of all of our students are something of which we are consistently proud. Visitors are encouraged to carefully peruse our website and the data found on the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) website ( to discover what makes the Rochelle Park School District a special learning environment for students in our community.