TEANECK TWP (03-5150)


Dear Teaneck Parents, Guardians and Community Members:

I am pleased to present an annual narrative about the Teaneck Public Schools. Located only a few miles from New York City, our District is a fine blend of urban sophistication and the suburban lifestyle. Our students enjoy abundant playgrounds, recreational facilities and a Teaneck Creek Park with walking trails and an educational center. The Board of Education employs approximately 400 teachers to educate the more than 4200 students in our PreK-12 school system. Our seven schools are richer learning environments because of their cultural diversity. Teaneck students represent many cultures, with more than 48 languages spoken in their homes.

The Teaneck Board of Education adopted the following mission: The educational community of Teaneck will consist of schools that empower the whole child. We shall attain excellence; revere personal integrity, honor diverse perspectives and nurture meaningful relationships. Our schools shall encourage students to brave life's journey and strive to conquer the unknown. All of our initiatives, from the implementation of our pre-k 3 and pre-k 4 program for our youngest learners to the development of new Advanced Placement (AP) and STEM courses Teaneck High School, serve that mission.

Last year, our district continued to provide professional development to teachers and administrators on the Danielson Framework for Effective Teaching, our observation and evaluation instrument. We concentrated specifically on the domains that are most associated with classroom instruction and student support, with the intent of increasing student engagement and participation. The Teaneck Board of Education has again established goals that correlate with TEACHNJ, in support of the continuing education of teachers and district administrators who affect the achievement of our students.

Triumphs of the last school year included an increase in the fourth and eighth grade science scores and in the biology end-of-course scores. We also added an AP course at Teaneck High School (Human Geography), completed the replacement of computer laboratories at the middle schools and high school and purchased 12 Google Chrome carts for the various schools. Technology projects have been added to all curriculum documents. All curriculum documents also list recommended technology resources for teachers, such as instructional videos, primary source documents, tutorials for students, etc.

District assessments that include PARCC-like questions were created. Our summer curriculum writing focused on ensuring that all students are able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills specified by the Core Content State Standards through adaptations for students with disabilities, for English Language Learners, and for students who are gifted and talented. We ensured that all curriculum documents include a pacing guide, a list of core instructional materials, benchmark assessments, interdisciplinary connections and identified 21st Century Themes and Skills, as required by the New Jersey Department of Education.

The District continued to offer summer preview classes in Social Studies, Language Arts and Algebra for incoming ninth graders. We were also proud to introduce Academic Institutes at Teaneck High School. Students who follow a concentration in one of the several institute areas and achieve a strong GPA in the courses in that concentration, will receive a commendation/acknowledgement on their transcript.

��� Introduced the Academic Institutes at Teaneck High School for implementation in 2015-2016

Our students continue to be our greatest asset. Last year they performed thousands of hours of community service, participated with sportsmanship and skill on athletic fields and arenas, exhibited their talents during plays and other performances and captured over five million dollars in scholarships and awards for their college educations.

The School Report Card compiled by the New Jersey Department of Education is filled with data about our schools, district achievement on state assessments, financial information and the qualification of our teachers. We know that numbers don't tell the story of the Teaneck Public Schools however, so I urge you to read the narratives prepared by our school principals for a clearer idea of our initiatives, successes and challenges.