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Teaneck High School

Dear Teaneck High School Parents/Guardians and Community Members:

Teaneck High School, The Castle on the Hill, is a vibrant and dynamic school. It offers more than 140 courses, in addition to providing a number of alternatives: honors and advanced placement courses, independent study, and a broad range of electives. Teaneck High School employs technology as a tool for learning in all curricula areas. The school's networked computers and labs provide access to the internet and to a variety of software programs from anywhere in the building. Technology workstations in the media center allow students to access the library's catalogue of print resources; this is coupled with other electronic databases available for research. Additionally, the library is equipped with a wireless laptop technology that can service an entire class of students. Teachers are able to prepare and deliver technologically-innovative lessons through the use of wireless laptop computers. Graphing calculators, data collection devices, and computer labs are enhancing the teaching and learning of mathematics, science, and other disciplines.

At Teaneck High School, student academic achievement is enhanced and supported by a variety of services and programs. These include a free SAT preparation course offered before and after school, in addition to an SAT course that can be taken for credit. The School Counseling Department offers academic, social, and personal counseling, as well as drug prevention programs which are provided by the Student Assistance Coordinator. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the computer-based searches, and access college catalogs using the program NAVIANCE. Family/Student Access is a web-based program utilized by parents, guardians and students to monitor academic progress. Through the College and Career Center, students are provided opportunities to meet with college admissions representatives, in addition to attending college night programs. One of the finest aspects of the School Counseling Department is the FORUM, (Forging Opportunities for Reasoning Understanding and Maturity). This is a school-based youth services program that offers a myriad of opportunities that include after-school tutoring, an after-school homework club, job placement, peer-mediation, support groups, and individual and group counseling. The district's continued commitment to global/multicultural education is reflected in support programs, as well as specific units of study in the disciplines of social studies, English, and world languages. Our students' accomplishments in this area are readily evident in their writings in the high school's nationally recognized literary magazine, Through the Looking Glass. The Teaneck High School's HiWay Yearbook, based upon its consistent superior quality, and has been inducted into the Wadsworth Publishing Company's Gallery of Excellence.

Teaneck High School uses an A/B block schedule. Graduation requirements mandate that all students satisfactorily complete 140 credits in order to graduate. Students are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of community service. The emphasis for this program is on the development of character, self-esteem and leadership, as well as demonstrating evidence of scholarship and communication acumen.

Teaneck High School offers a variety of programs that allow students to enhance their academic experiences at various colleges and universities. Three such programs are the National Hispanic Institute, Mini-Med and Virtual High School. The National Hispanic Institute is designed to give Latino high school students an educational experience focused on inquisitive learning. The Mini-Med program is a Pre-Med program is sponsored by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). This is a weekly series of lectures over a nine-week period which allows students with an interest in health care to learn more about the latest research, and about what it takes to succeed in the medical profession. Through the VHS (Virtual High School) Collaborative, classes are offered over the Internet giving Teaneck High School students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of electives not offered on site at Teaneck High School. The classes, including AP and Honors classes, are scheduled during the regular school day in place of an elective, study hall, or open period. VHS courses are accredited by the National Education Association and Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools and are College Board and NCAA Initial Eligibility Certified.

In 2012, Teaneck High School completed the most recent Middle States Evaluation and renewed our Middle States accreditation. Under the direction of the administration and two faculty members, seven teams worked on the issues identified for consideration: school climate/discipline, African-American achievement gap, Latino achievement gap, review of 85 minute block scheduling, freshman achievement, strategies for improving academic achievement in the classroom, and strategies for improving academic achievement using out-of-classroom resources. Accreditation For Growth (AFG) will continue to be our protocol, utilizing its extension called AFG Continued and Subsequent. Teaneck High School Middle States will continue to be spearheaded by a Planning Team made up of the various vested communities: staff/faculty, administration, parents, students, the Board of Education, and will be handled by two faculty members as co-coordinators. The self-study period was an excellent opportunity for the high school community to set the objectives that will bring about success in improved student performance.

Teaneck High School is a vibrant, exciting and unique school. With the current motto "Strive For Excellence" as the backdrop, administrators, faculty, students, support staff and community members move ahead with enthusiasm and commitment to be a premier educational institution. Programs are in place, new initiatives continue to be proposed, students are challenged, and members of the faculty and administration are prepared for the challenges the 21st century is presenting. In the 2014-2015 school year Teaneck High School continued to "Strive For Excellence" in many ways including having the highest percentage of students taking AP courses in recent years. In the 2014-2015 school year, all progress reports and reports cards were paperless and available online. Grades, attendance, and community service hours are among the many aspects of student progress available through Skyward Family/Student Access, which provides live student information.

For the 2015-2016 school year, Teaneck High School is excited to announce, "The Academic Institutes at The Castle on the Hill." Ensuring our students are well equipped to meet the demands of the 21st Century, students will have the option to select an area of concentration from five inaugural Academic Institutes. The course offering in the Academic Institute of Business are aligned to national and state standards for academics and 21st Century life and career skills. The coursework prepares students for a career path in business by exposing students to the needs and challenges of a global 21st Century economy. Course offerings for the Academic Institute of Fine and Performing Arts focus on the advancement of all the arts and preparing students who may be considering a career in the Fine and Performing arts. Aiming to develop a broad based understanding in the area of performing arts, students complete coursework that enhances their artistic knowledge, awareness and appreciation of arts education. The Academic Institute of Literature and Composition focuses on creativity and the expression of thought. Students engage in coursework that utilizes open dialogue, various pieces of literary works, and current events to strengthen and hone skills for reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking. Through active participation and discourse, students will gain the knowledge to be college ready in the area of literature and composition. The Academic Institute of Social Studies utilizes a comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum in the social sciences. Students gain the knowledge and skills needed to become informed and responsible citizens in a democratic society. The selected courses work to inform students of the knowledge and values needed to become a contributing citizen of the 21st Century. The Academic Institute of Technology utilizes an integrated approach through the application of technology. With exposure to a wide range of sophisticated software, students gain the foundation needed to pursue a career in the area of technology. In 2015-2016, Teaneck High School will continue its progress in digital information and communication with the scheduling of Parent-Teacher conferences online through Family Access.