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Washington Twp. - Green Bank School

The Washington Township School District is a small, single school district in Burlington Country that consists of a single school building in the town of Green Bank. Green Bank School serves children from Pre-K/K through grade 4. Students in grades 5-8 attend the Mullica Township School District in Atlantic County as part of a shared serve agreement and complete their grade school education by attending Cedar Creek High School, also in Atlantic County, for grades 9-12.
Green Bank School has served as a hub for the Washington Township community for many, many decades, providing the children of this community with a safe, nurturing learning environment.
As an interim superintendent, my challenge for the 2014-2015 school year was to familiarize myself with the school culture as well as the academic environment. Our focus remains steadfast in an effort to assist students in meeting the demands of the Common Core State Standards. This is being accomplished through a variety of professional development opportunities designed to help teachers meet the needs.
After a challenging budget year coupled with future projections of per pupil costs, the Board of Education has little choice but to explore the option of expanding the shared services agreement with the Mullica Township School District.
Following two separate public hearings and a joint school township meeting to gain input from the community, the Board contracted the services of the SRI/ETTC from Stockton University to complete a feasibility study to determine the value in expanding the current relationship with Mullica. The results of the study are forthcoming.
In the meantime, we will continue to provide Green Bank students with the necessary support to achieve academic success.

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