CAMDEN CITY (07-0680)


In Camden, the 2015-16 school year will bring a number of ambitious new initiatives aimed at rapidly improving students' access to high-quality neighborhood public schools. The District's goal is to have 85 percent of City students enrolled in a high-achieving school by the 2019-2020 school year- compared to the 14 percent of students attending a high-achieving Camden public school today.

To reach this goal, we are focusing our efforts on five main areas of school improvement. First, to create more nurturing and safe environments in our schools, this year the District is introducing a new, less-punitive Student Code of Conduct, and expanding successful Positive Behavior Incentive programs in our elementary and family schools.

In addition, the District will this year continue its efforts to update its technology infrastructure and dramatically improve IT support available to our in-school staff. This work started over the summer with the installation of more than 50 new or restored smartboards across District schools.

Using assessment data to inform Student Growth Objectives, a new Common Core-aligned English and Math curriculum, and new staff assessment metrics, the District will focus on improving the quality of instruction in every Camden classroom this year. Teachers are supported by weekly 1-1 coaching, and school leaders receive additional Central Office support to ensure the quality and rigor of instruction improves across the District.

Camden's District Schools will continue to build its parent engagement capacity and community partnerships by offering families a single, City-wide enrollment system that will help them find the best school for their child.

Finally, the District will continue to cut excess spending in its administration function and procurement, in order to put every dollar possible into our classrooms.