CAMDEN CITY (07-0680-170)

Alfred Cramer College Preparatory Lab School

In 1913 the Eastside Elementary School was built in the 2800 block of Mickle Street. As the population began to change, the building became a junior high school and was renamed Alfred Cramer Junior High School. Around 1957 Cramer once again became an elementary school. Since that time, Cramer has gone through many renovations and changes. Presently, Cramer is a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6 elementary school.

Cramer is located in East Camden with a population of 625 students. The student body at Cramer is 51% Black, 39% Hispanic, 8% Asian, and 2% White. Scholars who attend Cramer enjoy coming to the historic three story red brick building on Mickle Street because the emphasis is on providing intellectually stimulating content aimed at providing a solid foundation for future academic success.

Cramer's administrative team consists of Principal Danielle M. Phillips and Lead Educator Jeffrey S. Grossman. Principal Phillips has been with the Camden City School District since 1991. Prior to working at Cramer, she served as the vice principal of Veterans Memorial Family School in the Cramer Hill section of Camden. Before joining Cramer's family, Mr. Grossman worked for several years as an elementary school teacher in Camden NJ, first at Forest Hill Elementary School, then at the Early Childhood Development Center. The administrative team at Cramer is passionate about being a part of Camden's academic success story and positively impacting student achievement.

The staff members at Cramer are trained on the integration of technology across the curriculum. Cramer's team consists of over 80 professional and support personnel who are dedicated to students. The Cramer team provides academically rigorous, grade level appropriate instruction as well as other support services which help to put students on the path to college and future career success. The mission of Cramer Elementary School is to provide an academically stimulating environment for students, ensuring a nurturing and safe environment for all. The result of our mission is the development of aware, responsible, contributing and caring members of society. Cramer School is also proud to provide a variety of multicultural experiences that result in positive interactions between students, staff and community members.

Cramer's school colors are blue and white and the school mascot is the panda bear. At Cramer, you'll find "Panda Bears with Panda Pride!" We are all Proud, Appreciative, Nurturing, Determined, Accepting, Balanced, Encouraging, Attentive, Respectful, and Scholarly, so success is the only option!