The Clementon School District serves approximately 435 students in grades preschool through eight. These students all attend Clementon Elementary School. Clementon students in grades nine through twelve attend Overbrook High School in the Pine Hill School District.

The overall mission of the Clementon School District is dedicated to a meaningful collaboration among parents, students, administrators, teachers, support staff, Board of Education members, and the community. Our daily mission is to provide every student with a high-quality education driven by the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards. We are continuously committed to providing a secure, nurturing school climate in order to provide for the educational, social, and emotional needs of the students and staff.

Our district goals focus on enhancing our academic program and increasing student achievement with the implementation of our Focused Intervention Time (FIT) program, increasing student achievement through an analysis of a variety of assessments such as STAR and Study Island Reading and Math, implementation of the Common Core State Standards, increase the Independent Reading Leveling Assessment (IRLA) performance levels through guided reading and fluency, implementing a math facts program to help students develop fluency with basic math facts, utilizing the Lucy Calkin's Units of Study Writing Workshop, and offering Algebra to 8th grade students. In addition we continuously analyze student assessments, such as benchmarks, and our curriculum to make enhancements in our teaching to improve student achievement.

Our district highlights the educational performance objectives and summarizes the combined community involvement effort of school district personnel, the Board of Education, and students toward the goal of providing the optimal environment for educational learning to occur. To achieve our expectations, the district utilizes a Community Education organization and the Home and School Association as our main links to the community. These organizations act as our liaisons between the school, community, and local stakeholders. Within our district, we have the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Community Education organization and the Home and School Association to provide and coordinate activities and events for our students, parents, and the community. Activities, programs, and clubs that take place in Clementon include the before and after school program, art shows, concert and jazz bands, choir, school musicals, art club, student council, National Junior Honor Society, yearbook committee, and athletics.

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