Eastern Regional High School

New Jersey Department of Education

We are pleased to share our annual Eastern Regional High School Performance Narrative with you, the parents, and members of the community. The enclosed data, submitted annually to The New Jersey Department of Education reflects summary information regarding staff characteristics, student performance, and district resources. The data herein helps to substantiate the district's position as one of the top high schools in the state.

Our school is a public regional high school serving students in grades 9 through 12. The student population is multicultural and reflects the diversity of the three communities it serves: Berlin Borough, Gibbsboro and Voorhees Township.

A nine member Board of Education, each of whom is elected for a three-year term, governs our school district. The population of each of the three sending districts determines representation on the Board of Education. These community representatives are entrusted with the responsibility of setting policies and priorities to meet the needs of students and to best serve the interests of their respective communities. Each month, two seniors are selected as non-voting student representatives to the Board of Education.

Our current district professional staff includes more than 140 fully certified classroom teachers, nine guidance counselors, seven full-time Child Study Team members, two nurses, one media center specialist, one athletic trainer and one part-time athletic trainer, one student assistance coordinator and one crisis counselor. Included in the administrative personnel are the superintendent and business administrator, directors of curriculum and special services, building principal, vice principals, supervisors, a director of buildings and grounds, a director of food services, and a vice principal of athletics.

Eastern has earned a high approval rating from the New Jersey Department of Education and has been named as a top school by several professional publications. While infusing the Common Core State Standards and aligning curriculum, teachers foster the development of skills that will enable students to function effectively in a rapidly changing global society. A culture of learning and individual growth is promoted by developing instruction that is rooted in the firm belief that every student can learn.

Our academic program offers a myriad of educational programs and services to meet the needs of individual students and provide them with opportunities to pursue their own special areas of interest. In addition to traditional course offerings in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, World Languages, Health and
Physical Education, the school district provides programs in Preschool Child Development, Art, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Business Education, Gifted and Talented, Special Education, Family and Consumer Science, Building Trades, and Technology.

Eastern is a comprehensive high school that strives to meet the needs of all its students. We offer more than 200 courses, including twenty Advanced Placement courses, a professional staff recognized for excellence on state and local levels, class size average of twenty-four students, and a safe and supportive learning environment.

Our teachers and staff are committed to address the specific needs of the student as he/she transitions to a new school environment. The transition to high school begins early, with parents and students attending a scheduling orientation in January of each year, where students have an opportunity to gather information about the academic offerings at Eastern. Further, ninth grade and new students attend an evening orientation program in August. This program gives students an opportunity to meet future classmates, learn to open their lockers and become familiar with Eastern prior to the start of the school year.

In addition, the Student Alliance organization provides a peer mentor program. The program pairs a group of five or six freshmen with a trained upper class mentor on a monthly basis, to provide a friendly contact, to share information and ease the stress of transition to high school.

Although the School Performance Narrative includes our Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) results, and graduation rate, it does not address other areas of academic achievement for members of the Class of 2015.

The SAT mean scores for the Class of 2015 compared favorably to the state and national mean scores. The total mean score for the Class of 2015 was 1654 (Critical Reading = 546, Math = 561, Writing = 547 compared to a state mean score of 1520 (Critical Reading = 500, Math = 521 and Writing = 499) a national mean score of 1490 (Critical Reading = 495, Math = 511, Writing = 484). Also, Class of 2015 SAT mean scores for the 75th percentile of the class exceeded those earned by a similar group of students at the state and national levels. Eastern students in this group earned a total mean score of 1870 (Critical Reading = 610, Math = 640, Writing = 620) compared to a state mean score of 1770 (Critical Reading = 580, Math = 610, Writing = 580) and a national mean score of 1710 (Critical Reading = 570, Math = 580, Writing = 560).

The Class of 2015 was awarded more than 4.0 million dollars in grants and academic and athletic scholarships. One student was identified as a National Merit Finalist and one as a National Merit Semi-Finalist, twenty-six students were identified as Commended Students, and two students were identified as National Achievement Finalists.

We are extremely proud of our students and recognize their achievements regularly through special programs and publications, such as Honor Societies, Academic Awards Programs, Press Releases, Sports Awards, Band Awards, and Student of the Month programs. Our students are regularly recognized for achievements in academics, athletics, and fine and performing arts. Extra-curricular, co-curricular, and athletic activities are offered to enhance the students' total school experience.

Parents and other members of the community are encouraged to become active partners in the governance of the school. The following parent organizations share in the school's many successes: District Advisory Council, Eastern Education Foundation, Band Parents Association, Project Graduation, Parents Athletic Association, and the BGV Municipal Alliance.

Mr. Robert M. Tull, Jr.