Merchantville School is a one district school that lies at the physical and emotional heart of this historic town. It benefits from unusually high levels of community involvement. Parents, community members, teachers, students, and staff all take an active role in how the school operates and work to maintain and improve the quality of education offered. We recognize that every Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grade student has individual needs and they all have strengths. Our goal is to meet these needs and see that every child develops to his or her fullest potential. In the Spring of 2015, Merchantville School won a ruling to start a send/receive relationship with Haddon Heights. We continue to work closely with Haddon Heights High School to ensure that our students are well prepared to meet their expectations. We will continue to phase in one grade level at a time into Haddon Heights High School until all high school students are enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year.

Merchantville School is a choice school serving 44 students for the 2014-2015 school year. We continue to offer a low teacher to student ratio with a variety of different academic enrichment opportunities for our students to be challenged. In addition to instruction in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, students cycle through a variety of specials which include Computer Technology, Art, Music, World Language and Health / Physical Education. Our curriculum stresses not only the basics, but also requires students to apply what they know by solving complex, real life problems. We continue to revise our curriculum to match the core standards and provide the students with the skills that they need to be successful in college and their careers. Technology is a part of our everyday educational process. Every classroom contains a SMARTBoard and document camera to assist teachers in presenting the material. For 2015-2016, all junior high classes have Chromebook carts to allow students to access to 21st century learning. We continue to update our curriculum based on the needs of the students. Basic Skills instruction both inside and outside the regular classroom, Speech / Language, English Language services, Resource Center, and other special education alternatives are available based on identified student needs. Our teachers work closely to utilize the available resources to identify students that are in need of extra services and find ways to meet the needs of individual students.

In addition to our excellent academic program, Merchantville School offers a variety of different extra-curricular activities. We provide inter-scholastic sports opportunities for soccer, field hockey, basketball, cheerleading and starting in Spring 2016 - track. Our Gifted and Talented program offered students an opportunity to enrich their learning by taking on a variety of projects. Merchantville School is proud to be a Renaissance school encouraging all students to meet their fullest potential in academics, attendance-wise and behaviorally. There are numerous extracurricular activities, such as band, chorus, yearbook, student council, garden club, art club, naturalist club, a school musical, National Junior Honor Society, and an after school enrichment program. Students are encouraged to participate in many different activities.

The Merchantville Community continues to support the school in many different ways. In November 2014, the community overwhelming supported a bond-referendum that assisted the school in upgrading many of its facility needs including re-pointing, bathroom upgrades, technology upgrades, a new auditorium roof, site improvements, and electrical upgrades that provide the school with air-conditioning on the second floor. The active PTA, continues to be a prevalent part of the school providing students with various activities to participate in throughout the school year. In addition most recently, the PTA raised over $140,000 to purchase a new playground for the students on Merchantville. This playground was installed in September 2015 and the students are thoroughly enjoying the PTA's hard work. Also, alumni and others will often support the school financially with donations to assist the school. Thanks to a generous bequest from Merchantville residents Walter and Marie J. Carroll, Merchantville students enjoy enrichment activities that may not be offered in other schools. This year almost $33,000 will be spent for a visiting author to come to school, academic contests, day long and overnight field trips, an artist-in-residence program, assemblies, and a summer music program. The Marie J. Carroll Foundation also provides funds for college scholarships. This past year over $60,000 in scholarships, were given to our resident graduates in support of their post secondary education.

Merchantville School has a long tradition of serving the community and reflecting its unique spirit. There is a strong emphasis on community responsibility and caring in our school. A full range of academic, athletic, and cultural programs are offered to give our children the strong foundation they need to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Small class sizes, strong community involvement, and a highly dedicated teaching staff are integral parts of the overall program. We are very proud of our students, our school, our staff, and our community.