A student's James Caldwell High School education is experienced through the lens of appropriately-challenging academic activity that encourages each student to strive for a goal that just-slightly exceeds his/her reach. James Caldwell High School continues to deserve its long-standing academic reputation, with emphasis on student learning, and on the quality of the people associated with this academic community. We believe that distinctive teaching and learning serve as the foundation for each student's goals.

James Caldwell High School is fortunate to be located in a community with heart-felt traditions. As such, it is our responsibility to prepare our students for this unfolding century, while we stand on the foundations of the traditional values that continue to be embraced by the communities of Caldwell and West Caldwell.

In October 2013, James Caldwell High School was visited by an accreditation team from The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The accreditation team's final report indicated that they were expected to mention five positives. This was a hard task because there are so very many to choose from. We limited ourselves to the fact that you have a great facility that is well cared for, that you enjoy great community support because you have earned the communities trust, the fact that when one enters an inclusion classroom it is often impossible to tell who is the inclusion teacher and who is the lead teacher, you have an excellent peer mentoring program, and that there is a great rapport between students and their teachers. It is the Validation Team's opinion that the school presently meets all twelve of the Commission on Secondary Schools Standards. The school currently has established the conditions under which its objectives can be achieved. We found a well-maintained facility, an exemplary staff, a Board that provides sufficient, if not plentiful, resources to support the school program, and a broad array of educational programs and student activities. We note your dedication to improving instruction as the way to prepare your graduates for the, perhaps, cruel world they will enter. But that notwithstanding we also have heard from your staff that you cannot have good instruction without self-discipline and there are those among you who are tirelessly working to make improvements here. Then the team was told that you cannot have discipline without trust and we find all of your staff out there building bridges. It is probably just the Caldwell way of doing things, but you are commended for your tireless efforts to create a better future for the students in your care. As your business administrator told us, you are making a whole person. Many high schools seem to have two days. Day One is usually an academic day and Day Two includes all of the clubs and sports that brighten the day for students and staff, provide ownership of and identity with the school, and encourage students to keep up their attendance and their grades. The team found Caldwell High to have an academic day where genuine instruction is offered to a polite, very eager, and always engaged student body. The team commends your awareness of the importance of Day Two and your efforts to make it possible for so many students to become active participants in these activities that foster cooperation and team building.