Gateway Regional High School is a one school district located in Woodbury Heights, NJ. It serves students in grades 7-12 from the municipalities of National Park, Wenonah, Westville, and Woodbury Heights. Just 12 miles southwest of Philadelphia, PA and one mile east of Woodbury, NJ, the Gateway communities combine the convenience of being next to a major metropolitan cultural center with the pleasant suburban/rural surroundings and sense of community that South Jersey offers.

Gateway participates in the State's School Choice Program. This allows non-resident students to enroll at Gateway Regional at no cost to the parents/guardians. The individuals accepted through the School Choice Program become actual full-time students at Gateway for the remainder of their high school experience and receive a Gateway diploma upon the successful fulfillment of all graduation requirements. In order to be considered for acceptance, applicants must be eligible to enroll as a middle or high school student (grade 7-12) for the 2016 -2017 school year. Eighty choice students are currently calling Gateway Regional home for the 2015-16 school year.

Gateway Regional High School sets high expectations for students and staff members. Instructional time is 5 hours and 52 minutes, which is higher than the state average. Low class sizes allow students to learn in small communities with teachers providing more individual support. Once students enter Gateway Regional High School, the culture, instruction and co-curricular activities provide programs and support that help students choose to remain at Gateway for the year or their entire educational experience; the district mobility rate is below the state average.

Students continue to outperform their peers in similar school districts. The average math SAT score is 501, reading 475 and writing 466. Students enjoy a variety of advanced placement courses in art, English, science, mathematics and social studies. The district has added additional advanced placement classes for 2015-16 school year. Independent studies in all content areas and elective career explorations are offered. Rigorous instruction starts as early as 7th grade with some students taking Algebra I. All students take Algebra I in 8th grade and physics in 9th grade. Science teachers continue to use curriculum from The Center for Technology and Learning to meet the new Next Generation Standards (NGSS). This program incorporates formative and summative assessment, inquiry, cooperative learning and technology into all lessons. The district has significantly expanded the Option 2 program to provide individualized programs to meet the needs of students.

The district's rigorous programs and students' academic ability and work ethics result in close to 3 million dollars in scholarships each year. Students also earn college credits during their senior year by enrolling in higher-level courses at Rowan College at Gloucester County during their school day.

Gateway Regional High School District prides itself on employing a quality instructional staff, maintaining high academic standards, providing an environment that is conducive to academic excellence, delivering an enriching and comprehensive curriculum, offering an array of co- and extra-curricular opportunities, utilizing technology as a communication and instructional tool, and promoting a respectful community atmosphere. These points of pride are exemplified in everything we do.

Gateway's staff members continually set high standards for themselves as well as students. Staff members actively plan and present professional development initiatives, strive to improve their content knowledge and teaching strategies through continuing education courses and seminars, and work to attain masters or doctorate degrees.

The district addresses individual student needs in various learning opportunities. Gateway Regional High School's education academy continues to evolve, allowing students to explore and gain knowledge of careers in education through various experiences. The district has launched a career program from grades 7-12. The program includes a partnership with NJ Talent Network and area colleges. Through this program, students have the opportunity to participate in an internship of their choice.

The fine, practical, and performing arts program at Gateway continues to lead the way in excellence and reaching high expectations. Annually, students are accepted to participate in the New Jersey Junior High Honor Choir, the All South Jersey Chorus, and the NJ All State Chorus. The Latin student organization continues to be a top performer in the state due to an active club that participates in competitions and events. The Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) are represented by students at the National Leadership Conferences. Finally, the athletic program traditionally has various teams and individuals achieve divisional championships and personal accolades.

Students show dedication and commitment to the community through various academic and athletic clubs. The student body supports the community through various community service projects. Student Council has done commendable work by establishing two annual blood drives, earning recognition by the American Red Cross each year.

The level of support from the community is extensive and appreciated. Parents regularly participate in the middle and high school parents' groups, committees, and school events. As an example, each year parent volunteers and school personnel collaboratively host a very successful Project Graduation. The athletic program has a very active parent booster club and band parent organization. Additionally, many local residents and public entities serve on district advisory committees.

The district remains dedicated to providing extensive support for technology integration throughout the core subject areas. A Chromebook initiative has been launched to support students in accessing assessments online with edConnect software. This allows staff members to use data to drive instruction. All 7th -11th grade students have Chromebooks and gmail accounts. The initiative provides equal access to the internet and technology for all students while preparing them for college and career. In addition to purchasing equipment, the district provides professional development in numerous areas of technology to afford teachers foundational knowledge and strategies to infuse technology in instruction enhancing student motivation and achievement.

New students to the district are assigned a mentor student to assist them throughout their first week. Current students escort new students to classes as well as provide introductions to peers and staff members. The purpose of this mentoring program is to allow students to become members of the Gateway community and have a more comfortable transition to the district.