The Kingsway Regional School District is Committed to Excellence. We recognize that the purpose of education is not only to provide intellectual growth in students but also to instill an intrinsic desire to continuously seek improvement through learning. Therefore, it is the District's mission to develop and maintain a comprehensive educational program that fosters the academic, social, and emotional growth of all students. Our administration, faculty, and staff possess a passion for learning; consequently, we provide a secure and supportive environment that affords high quality curriculum, instruction, and programming that challenge and empower each individual to pursue his or her potential.

Kingsway is situated in a predominately rural/suburban area, with more than 20,000 people residing within its 52 square mile border. The District includes the Borough of Swedesboro and the Townships of South Harrison, East Greenwich, and Woolwich. Though not part of the District, students from Logan Township attend Kingsway High School through a send/receive relationship as paid tuition students.

The Kingsway Regional School District prides itself in educating all students so they are prepared to meet the challenges of life in the twenty-first century. For the learning experience to be advantageous, it must be purposeful and relevant to the life of the learner. To achieve this goal, students receive an integrated education focused on acquisition of vital academic foundations that will provide supports for success in college and career and assist them in their own personal development. Differentiated instruction is utilized within the classrooms to address the different learning styles of the students and to meet their individual needs.

The high school also offers a S.T.E.M. Academy that provides a rigorous four-year interdisciplinary program designed to provide a strong educational foundation for academically gifted students planning to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. Successful completion of the full program allows students to graduate with up to thirty-two college credits and a strong foundation in S.T.E.M. concepts.

To provide parents and students access to students' academic progress, the district utilizes PowerSchool as a student management system. Parents and students can see up-to-date information on grades, assignments, and attendance. Parents can elect to have email notifications sent to update them on their child's progress. Additionally, the district website ( is an excellent resource for parents and students, providing recent news and links to curriculum information, guidance, athletics, and much more.

Kingsway Middle School is organized into interdisciplinary teams that support the students as they transition onto Kingsway's campus. In addition to receiving instruction in the core areas of English, literature, mathematics, science, social studies, and health/physical education, students at the middle school have an opportunity to choose among an array of electives. These include world language, art, and music as well as electives dedicated to the further exploration of science, technology, engineering, and math (S.T.E.M.). There are a number of educational opportunities to support student engagement and learning outside of the classroom as well. These activities include, but are not limited to, Robotics, Math counts, Community Service, and Yearbook as well as organized wellness activities and performing arts.

Kingsway High School includes a college preparatory program for all students and offers an assortment of electives. Additionally, our high school students have an opportunity to participate in honors-level or Advanced Placement (AP) courses; dual credit opportunities with two local colleges have also been established.
High school students also have the opportunity to participate in a number of varsity and sub-varsity athletic programs, as well as a myriad of clubs and activities targeting the diverse interests of our student population. The number of offerings, as well as the number of students engaged in activities, continues to grow. Kingsway's teams and student-athletes continue to make us proud with the way they conduct themselves on and off the field.

In closing, Kingsway takes great pride in our performance and hopes that you take the time to review all of the information provided. Should you have any questions related to the District and its initiatives, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.