I began my teaching career in Woodbury nearly thirty years ago. I left the district for a number of years and assumed different administrative assignments in nearby school districts, but the most rewarding part of my work history is that I find myself back at Woodbury. This is my eleventh year as superintendent, and I confidently state that we engage our Woodbury City Public School students in unique educational opportunities.

The information in the 2014-15 school report cards reflects data from a single school year - a snapshot in time. Though these reports provide valuable information, they cannot capture the full essence of a Woodbury education.

The Woodbury City Public Schools offer an exciting array of learning opportunities to our students in a personalized setting; we pride ourselves as being a "Leader in Personalizing Education." Our schools serve the residents of Woodbury, a city that encompasses approximately two square miles. We do not have a fleet of busses, since all of our students are within walking distance to the schools. Students and teachers make connections in ways that do not occur in your average suburban school system.

The Woodbury High School experience includes a robust utilization of the state's Option II program - a way for students to use non-traditional educational experiences to count for formal graduation requirements. Our Junior-Senior High School is a National Demonstration School for the AVID program (Advancement Via Individual Determination) - and this college preparatory work now extends down into the elementary grades. We are the only school district in the state to take all students in grade 4, grade 8, and grade 10 on college visitations - Rowan University, Howard University, and the College of New Jersey; our students understand from a young age what it looks like and feels like to be on a college campus. In addition, we pride ourselves on working with the whole child and incorporate a variety of social-emotional supports to assist our students in achieving at the highest level.

I welcome you to review the data contained in the various reports associated with this state reporting document. I also welcome you to visit the current district webpage (www.woodburysch.com) to find out more about the Woodbury City Public Schools. We operate purposefully -- guided by a strategic plan -- and we are excited about the future. Our website describes our programs and has information that will be helpful to students and parents; there is also a section that spotlights the Strategic Plan. In addition, our district Facebook page provides a day-by-day view of the activities across the district (https://www.facebook.com/WoodburyCityPublicSchools).

For even more detail, I welcome you to have communication with Woodbury residents -- students of today and yesterday -- who share the common bond of the White & Gold. We are Woodbury - and we are proud. Speak directly with us in order to really know all of the good things that are happening here.