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West End Memorial Elementary School

At West End Memorial Elementary School, we are proud of our rigorous academic programs. These programs prepare our students to meet the high standards as referenced in Common Core. In addition to challenging our students academically, we teach our children a sense of responsibility and wise decision-making skills through our WEBSTER character education program. A sense of community is established each day with the implementation of Responsive Classroom. Teachers using this approach strive to be firm, kind, and consistent. Their aim is to create calm, safe, and orderly classrooms "one where teachers can teach and children can learn" while preserving the dignity of each child.

For many years, West End Memorial School has included deep-rooted traditions, strong family/community support and extensive co-curricular student activities and student assistance programs. We are fortunate that these strong relationships and programs continue.

The academic performance of our students has shown steady improvement as evidenced by standardized test scores, writing portfolios, and other performance-based measures. To meet the needs of a diverse student body, we provide a strong curricular program enhanced by regular, high quality professional development experiences for the staff. Our math programs continue to show strong results. The continuation and expansion of the district PreK program and the continued implementation of academic support through our instructional assistants are all showing consistent, positive results at the primary level.

Furthermore, literacy instruction has been strengthened through the continuation of the Guided Reading approach as well as Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop. Writing benchmarks have been established for each grade level in order to drive effective instruction. This has been a valuable tool to enhance instruction as we strive to meet the individual needs of our learners.

Expanded academic support in-class instruction, the English as a Second Language Program, and the after school STEM program all help to address the needs of those students requiring extra support. Additionally, West End's Enrichment Program has continues to flourish for our academically talented students based on the individual needs of our learners. Our students in grades K-1 utilize iPads on a weekly basis as a part of their instruction while students in grades 2-5 utilize Chromebooks on a 1:1 basis to support daily instruction.

Extra-curricular activities motivate our students to become well-rounded, productive citizens. Some of these activities include The Mileage Club, Drama Club, Fitness Club, LEGO Club, band and choir. The Mileage Club is an alternate activity during lunch recess to promote healthy habits while providing an organized activity on the playground. Members of the West End PTA volunteer their time twice a week during recess to organize and run this activity. Our Drama Club has provided opportunities for our students to tap into their artistic skills. All of our clubs enable students to participate in activities which peak their individual interests in an effort to develop well rounded citizens.

With talented, dedicated, and caring faculty directing these proven instructional programs, the students of West End School continue to be well served.