OLD BRIDGE TWP (23-3845)



Old Bridge Township Public Schools is a 42-square mile suburban school district located at the southern end of Middlesex County, in central New Jersey. The district has a total daytime student enrollment of just over 9,000 pupils. Students are housed in twelve elementary schools grades K-5, two middle schools grades 6-8, and one high school with a grade nine center. Old Bridge has a single campus high school with a separate facility for 9th graders. The population, exceeding three thousand students makes it the third largest in the state.

The Old Bridge Township Public Schools have recently been recognized for academics and school based programs. Eight of our 12 elementary schools, Shepard, Madison Park, Cooper, McDivitt, Cheesequake, Memorial, Southwood, and Voorhees, are distinguished as New Jersey State Schools of Character. In addition, Shepard, Madison Park, McDivitt, Cheesequake and Voorhees have gone on to receive the status of National Schools of Character. We proudly boast that Cheesesquake was selected as a National Model School of Character. Old Bridge High School was once again placed on the College Board Advanced Placement Honor Roll and was recently selected as a Newark Star Ledger Top Performing High School based upon higher than average test scores and demonstrating substantial improvement in the last 4 years.

Our district's goals for 2014-2015 are centered on three concepts; communication, implementation, and planning. The first goal focuses upon improved communications with the community at large, identifying measures to build positive relationships with all community groups, encourage community involvement in the district and enhancing two way communications to ensure timely, accurate information on all district matters is disseminated. The district plans to address this goal through town hall-style meetings with stakeholders and realtors, newsletters, media exposure, and social media outlets.

The second goal is based upon our need to successfully implement the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) standardized assessments. To accomplish this goal we shall educate all stakeholders about the PARCC and provide resources for student success. The district will then obtain the software and hardware required under the recommendations of Pearson. A survey of our building leadership will be conducted to assess physical needs to successfully implement the PARCC. Lastly, we will utilize several field tests to run PARCC simulations.

Additionally, the district will undertake a thorough assessment of facilities over the next two years and develop a plan, and timelines for upgrades and repairs and optimizing facilities utilization to enhance delivery of educational services. A Strategic Plan, will serve as a dynamic five year road map for our district. The plan will be created by all stakeholders in our school community: parents, students, teachers, school leaders, Board members, and our citizens. A component of our Strategic Plan is to launch a full scale districtwide full day kindergarten program at all Elementary Schools for 2014-2015.

In order to better address the needs of our students, the Old Bridge Public School district utilizes a Response to Intervention (RTI) model. RTI is a framework designed to provide educational support to struggling students. It is most commonly used to address learning challenges in reading and mathematics but is also applicable to social and emotional/behavioral needs. Initial screening assessments are administered to all students and intervention plans are developed for any student not meeting grade-level expectations. Interventions may take place within the classroom or outside of the classroom depending on the level and nature of support required. Our teachers, interventionists, and paraprofessionals provide a variety of data-based/evidence informed interventions to ensure each student's success. Progress is regularly monitored to guide decision-making about instruction throughout the school year. Old Bridge Public School's uses a three-tier model:

Tier 1- Classroom teachers will use a variety of strategies within the core curriculum to address individual instructional needs within the classroom.

Tier 2- Based on assessment data, students who continue to struggle in Tier 1 will be provided additional research-based interventions inside or outside of the classroom. Interventionist teachers will monitor student progress.

Tier 3- Students who continue to struggle in Tier 2 will receive more intensive evidence-based interventions.

Old Bridge is the only public school district in the state to have two fully operational, professional Planetariums, one at Jonas Salk Middle School and the other at the high school's Ellen McDermott Grade Nine Center. A state-of-the-art digital computer generated projection system, Sci-Dome, allows our students and community members to travel into space and beyond the science curriculum.

Our educator evaluation system will change the way we assess the effectiveness of our district educators. Together we shall create goals that encompass our own professional practice, school goals, and most importantly, student achievement. We recognize the most significant factor in student learning is effective teaching, Old Bridge Township Public Schools is committed to ongoing and expanded professional development opportunities for all staff members. The district maintains annual membership in the PD 360 on-line training services and offers extensive workshop opportunities.

The district is proud of its Knights' Athletic Complex at Lombardi Field. The KnAC facility is outfitted with efficient lighting, a synthetic Football/Soccer/Lacrosse turf field, new bleachers, a state-of-the art eight (8) lane track, a synthetic turf baseball field, a professional grade concession stand, and new handicap accessible family-friendly lavatories.

The district is dedicated to providing quality instruction, programs, and services to enable our students to meet the challenges of and achieve success in tomorrow's emerging world community. We are committed to a strong home/school partnership that will continue to make the Old Bridge Township Schools the best that they can be for its children. Old Bridge Township was founded upon rich family traditions and a commitment to community mindfulness. Our schools are a reflection of those founding pillars. Through a quality of character-driven academic, athletic, and the arts programming; Old Bridge Township Schools will always be a tremendous source of local pride and global impact! Please visit our web site, www.oldbridgeadmin.org.