This year Spotswood Public Schools has a theme of Connect, Learn, Collaborate. This theme is designed to encourage our students, teachers, parents, and community members to be part of our school district. We are connecting educationally inside and outside of the classroom, learning from each other, and collaborating with the world outside our community so that our schools can continue to provide a high level of academic excellence, creativity, and critical thinking.

Spotswood Public Schools is known for engaging learning environments in the classroom and our students, who actively participate in athletics, clubs, student groups and service organizations outside of the instructional day. Our district and staff provide a robust academic program, and a diverse list of extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities for our students. As a result, we focus on the whole child.

The foundation of our school district's educational plan is both high academic expectations for all of our students and dedicated educators who continually work to master their instructional skills. Classroom teachers, school administrators and district leadership work together with our community to ensure every student is learning and achieving to his/her fullest potential every day, in all of our schools. This is evidenced through our SAT scores, enrollment in our Advanced Placement course offerings, and state assessment scores that consistently exceed our District Factor Group and state averages.

Our school community also recognizes the importance of a well-rounded student and as such, the district provides a broad spectrum of Fine and Performing Arts programs and activities as well as strong extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities that all of our students are encouraged to take part in throughout the school year. Student government, service clubs and academic organizations compliment the rich and growing Fine and Performing Arts programs for our students.

Both our academic and extra-curricular programs are supported by a dedicated staff of professional educators and hard-working support staff who are committed to continuous improvement and growth. Two hallmarks of this dedication are our four-year New Teacher Induction Program which works to provide our new teachers with the training and resources needed to create excellent learning environments, and encourages them to be engaged and part of our school community, and our Spotswood Professional Development Academy that provides numerous training opportunities monthly to staff on a plethora of educational, instructional, and educational technology topics.

Additionally, the entire staff works together to prepare all students for college and career success. Our leadership team, Superintendent's Faculty Advisory and Consultation Team (FACT), Lead Learner Committee (LLC), School Improvement Teams, School Safety Teams, and Professional Learning Community teams work to ensure our instructional practices are the very best and challenge our students.

Spotswood Public Schools is committed to the success of our students so they will be able to meet the challenges they face after graduating from our schools. Our students' success is a direct result of the efforts of our faculty, staff, parents and community. As Spotswood Public Schools works to Connect, Learn, Collaborate this year, we also work to provide our students the best academic and extra curricular opportunities so they will be successful in the future.