The boroughs of Rumson and Fair Haven are residential communities zoned principally for single family dwellings. These adjacent communities are located in Northern Monmouth County, within forty miles of New York City and within a mile of the Atlantic Ocean.

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School is a National Blue Ribbon high school situated on a seventeen acre campus. It is accredited by the Middle States Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges (Fall, 2007) and the New Jersey Department of Education. In addition to the National Blue Ribbon, RFH has been ranked the 10th best high school by New Jersey Magazine and was ranked the 88th best high school in the Country by The Daily Beast. Consistently, over 98% of our senior class moves on to attend a 4 or 2-year college.

The school's mission statement is: "The mission of the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School District is to empower students to realize their personal potential and fulfill their responsibilities as members of a moral democracy. The learning community will achieve this mission through ongoing, honest self-reflection and the practices of a commitment embedded in the RFH Philosophy Statement." The District recognizes the central importance of the support and involvement of the entire community and our school's vision is to Create the Ideal High School.

The curriculum provides a comprehensive program of semester and full-year courses for all students. Over 130 individual courses across eight departments are noted for: a primary emphasis on college preparation; 45 advanced placement and honors courses offered in English, social studies, science, mathematics, world languages, music and art; a solid academic program supplemented by course offerings in fine and practical arts, technology and physical education.

Success in the classroom is supported by services offered by specialized faculty members. A guidance staff of 5.6 counselors guides students and their parents in planning four years of high school study. Counselors stay involved through the four years and along the way guide the development of a plan for life after high school. A three-member Child Study Team is charged with responsibility for assisting the educational careers of students with learning difficulties. A Student Assistance Counselor intervenes with individual counseling sessions or with group programs when special problems are identified.

Program evaluation is a priority. Outside experts have assessed the science, math, world language, and social studies/history programs and the programs and operations of the Guidance Department. Long-range studies of the success in developing competent researchers and in facilitating independence of learners are in process. Additionally, partnerships with Rutgers' Writing Program and Dr. Angela Duckworth's Laboratory (University of Pennsylvania) have been established.

The Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School District is deeply committed to the professional growth and development of its staff.
RFH faculty has an ongoing commitment to modeling life-long learning. Professional development is viewed as an investment in the high school's ongoing evolution. Initiatives have included the classroom applications of brain-based research, instructional practices aligned with the development of higher-order critical thinking skills, and the design of effective formative and summative assessments. Each week, teachers collaborate with their instructional teams and analyze instructional practices and student performance data. In-district and out-of-district opportunities enable RFH educators to hone their craft. Several RFH faculty members are invited each year to present at various workshops at the state and national levels. In addition, RFH consults regularly with such institutions as Rutgers University, Seton Hall University, and Syracuse University. Currently, the RFH faculty is working with the Rutgers' Writing Program on Inquiry-Driven Writing Projects across the curriculum.

RFH acknowledges the demands of the digital age. Recognizing the power of technology and the necessity of technological proficiency, RFH maintains wireless connectivity throughout the campus. This portability - coupled with the availability of computers (both laptop carts and dedicated labs) and LCD projectors - supports the high school's efforts. Staff members are assigned a laptop and required to use this device to support instruction, input and monitor student data, and maintain lines of communication with colleagues and parents. RFH has also invested in digital and on-line subscribed resources with remote access capabilities. RFH is equipped with multiple, classroom-based audio enhancement systems. A state-of-the art world language laboratory supports learning in communicative contexts.

The RFH experience extends far beyond the classroom walls. RFH boasts over 90% of the total student body participating in one or more of the thirty-six extra-curricular programs and twenty-five athletic teams. Students at the high school excel in these areas, attaining personal acclaim, earning local and regional recognition, and achieving state championships.

RFH students also make a difference in the community at large. With faculty leadership, RFH students create opportunities to give of themselves in multiple service contexts, student-initiated events and programs raising thousands of dollars for a multitude of causes that have included material support for troops overseas, breast cancer awareness, Rhett's Syndrome research, juvenile diabetes, and pediatric cancer. RFH students recognize the impact that one can make on this global society.