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Dover High School

Dover High School, a community rich in diversity, talent and history, celebrates a proud tradition that has been passed on to generations of students since 1885. A school climate exists where students are challenged to identify and develop their unique abilities. Students achieve academic excellence and demonstrate responsible citizenship through participation in a comprehensive offering of academic and extra-curricular activities.

Dover High School, located 40 miles from New York City, services approximately 900 high school students from the Town of Dover, the Borough of Victory Gardens, and the Township of Mine Hill.

Dover High School has been proudly selected as a 2013 recipient of the National Blue Ribbon Award presented by the United States Department of Education. This accomplishment was earned through a series of curriculum restructuring, and the development of a positive school culture and climate.

Students choose from a variety of classes that meet individual needs and interests. Required courses in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education are supplemented with electives within these departments as well as courses in Music and Fine Arts, 21st Century Life and Career Skills, and Technology. Our Health and Science Academy is a comprehensive four-year program designed for students with an interest in pursuing careers in a variety of fields including, but not limited to, paramedic, personal trainer, nurse, medical technician, health & physical education instructor, physical therapist and pharmacist. The innovative program will provide structured learning experiences and specialized courses that will prepare students for future studies and enable students to graduate with transcripted college credits and personal trainer certification. Dover High School has built on the success of the Health and Science Academy with the addition of a Fine and Performing Arts Academy that began in the 2014-2015 school year. This academy provides an infusion of Language Arts and History while providing strong foundations in careers in Fine and Performing Arts.

Dover High School offers a unique honors program to grade 9 students, using a Learning Community model that promotes a collaborative culture where teams of teachers work interdependently to achieve common goals. Much of the instruction provided for this program is based on a ���theme��� that is incorporated throughout the school year.

The honors program is continued into their sophomore, junior and senior years, and includes the option of Advanced Placement courses. Dover High School offers 9 classes in the Advanced Placement Program as well as one of a kind partnerships with Rutgers University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Syracuse University where students can earn up to 28 transcripted college credits on site.
The student body represents over 25 languages, including over 10 dialects in Spanish. Many students are involved in the athletic program, activities and part time employment. Over 80% of the student body pursues post-high school education at area technical schools, colleges, and highly competitive universities.

There are eighty one members of the faculty and administration at Dover High School, many possessing a Masters degree and four possessing Doctoral degrees. Dover High School has moved into the new millennium by delivering instruction using innovative technological advances. Each classroom is equipped with a PROMETHEAN BOARD, thus enhancing the overall quality of instruction. Students in several courses have also been equipped with Apple iPads or Mac Book Air laptops in order to continue the trend of rigorous instruction using 21st century learning models. Dover High School maintains close to a 1:1 student per computer ratio.

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