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Madison High School

Madison High School is an outstanding comprehensive high school of 837 students that provides a rich, broad and diverse educational program for its students. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs and abilities of all students with a variety of courses being offered. Madison High School offers a full array of academic courses in English, History, Science, World Languages and Mathematics. In addition many elective courses in technology, music, engineering, art and business are available. Sixteen (16) Advanced Placement courses and many honors courses are available. The district is committed to providing a rigorous and challenging curriculum while supporting students with different learning needs and styles. Typically, 90% of our graduates attend college. Over 50% of our students who attend 4 year colleges are matriculating at schools that are categorized as very highly or most competitive. Madison High School enjoys an excellent reputation with colleges and universities who recognize the strong preparation provided by our dedicated faculty. The guidance staff is diligent in making and maintaining relationships with college admissions officers. Over 70% of our staff members hold advanced degrees. The High School, in past years, has been recognized by The College Board, Newsweek Magazine, US News and World Report, and New Jersey Monthly.

In addition to a rich academic environment, Madison High School provides its students with opportunities for growth in the important areas of character and service. Dozens of clubs and 22 interscholastic sports are available for students to learn leadership, teamwork, discipline, and commitment. We are proud of our Peer Group Connections Program, a freshman orientation and mentorship program led by upperclassmen that has served students since 1971. Our music program is rich in both curricular and extracurricular opportunities. Among the offerings in music are an orchestra, concert band, chorus, jazz chorus, jazz band, guitar ensemble, music theatre, and an award-winning marching band. Service learning is a big part of our school community and all students are required to participate in our service-learning program. Students will fulfill this annual requirement by engaging in service related projects at all Madison schools, as well as in the surrounding community. Emphasis will be placed on using the skills and concepts learned in the classroom to meet emergent community needs.

Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, Madison High School adopted a new schedule. The new modified rotating block schedule is designed to mirror what students can expect in a college setting; longer class periods, classes dropping (i.e. not meeting) on given days, and greater ownership over their education.

Madison High School enjoys strong community support. It is not unusual for parents of our students to have graduated from Madison High School. They have a strong connection with the school and a respect for its tradition of academic excellence and strong sense of community. We are very fortunate to have many parents with special talents (often in the corporate world) that they enthusiastically share with the school. Madison High School also enjoys the benefits of our sending-receiving relationship with Harding Township, a nearby K-8 school district. Students from Harding and Madison become a cohesive class in their four years together.

Renovated areas of the school include a state-of-the-art library/media center, expanded music and art facilities, an auxiliary gymnasium, as well as new and renovated science classrooms. The construction project was completed in August 2008 and the new facilities have had a significant impact on the quality of the educational experiences we offer our students.