Assisting your child to reach an educated, productive future is what the Morris Hills Regional District is all about. A quality high school education is critical to your child's future success. It lays a solid foundation of learning and social skills that will carry him or her throughout life. Whatever path your child chooses - college, career or military - high school is an important step toward adulthood.

Our schools' success is directly attributed to the support we receive from the residents of Denville, Rockaway Borough, Rockaway Township and Wharton - people who care about their children and who value education.

Business and community organizations also play a vital role in your child's education. Many local companies employ our students as part of the district's cooperative education program and partner with our business classes. Community organizations create and support drug-free educational programs, fundraising, booster clubs and thousands of dollars in scholarships each year. It is the continued support of the community that allows for educational innovations such as:

- Block scheduling for extended, more focused learning
- 140 credit graduation requirement - including requirements in 21st Century Life & Careers and Personal Financial Literacy - so students spend more time learning and leave more prepared for life. (The state average is 120 credits to graduate.)
- Leading edge programs including International Baccalaureate, Magnet Program for Mathematics and Science, and AVID college readiness system are examples of diverse programs offered by the district.
- 88.3 % of our seniors are admitted to college
- Participation as a choice district in the New Jersey Inter-district School Choice Program

A well-designed curriculum is the backbone of any superior educational program. The Morris Hills Regional District offers your child a wide array of classes and programs to give him or her a well-rounded, valuable education, including:

- 180 challenging courses offered in both Morris Hills and Morris Knolls High School
- 21 advanced placement courses in addition to a state and nationally recognized gifted and talented program
- Personalized course selection for your child by guidance counselors
- Personal computers available for student use in every classroom
- Advanced course design that allows your child to gain academic knowledge through practical experience
- Special programs, such as a state and nationally recognized special education program, and extensive occupational and technology courses
This strong curriculum has made the Morris Hills Regional District one of the most comprehensive high school districts in New Jersey.

In September 2000, the Morris Hills Regional District became the site of the Morris County Academy for Mathematics, Science and Engineering. District staff facilitates daily operations. The Academy offers Morris County high school students concentrated programs in each of these disciplines, through which students can earn college credit.

If your child is interested in sports, the Morris Hills Regional District offers outstanding athletic programs and facilities.

- On-campus facilities include four multi-purpose fields, a track, five tennis courts and four all-purpose gymnasiums at Morris Hills; five multi-purpose fields, one track, four tennis courts and four all-purpose gymnasiums at Morris Knolls
- 28 varsity sports at Morris Knolls and 28 varsity sports at Morris Hills
- Competition in the newly formed Northwest Jersey Athletic Conference
- Expert coaching that has earned the Morris Hills Regional District numerous state championships in football, softball, field hockey, golf, girls' basketball, track and cross country and several consecutive Sportsmanship awards.
Extra-curricular activities provide a great opportunity for your child to grow both academically and socially. In the Morris Hills Regional District, your child can choose from a wide array of activities, including:
- More than 60 clubs and activities
- Our chorus, which has performed at Carnegie Hall
- Our marching bands, the best in New Jersey, which have competed in championships in Disney World, Giants Stadium and the United Nations.
- Award-winning activities, on both the state and national level, including the Academic Decathlon Team, student publications, DECA and FBLA

We have received a number of state and national awards:

- Best Practice for Staff Development from the NJ Department of Education
- High School Technology Program of The Year from the Technology Education Association of NJ
- Model for Professional Development Finalist from the U.S. Department of Education
- Morris Hills Regional District Placed on the College Board's 2nd Annual AP District Honor Roll for
Significant Gains in Advanced Placement Access and Student Performance -
367 School Districts across the Nation Are Honored
- Outstanding Program Award for Staff Development, New Jersey ASCD
- Overall Excellence, America's Best Schools, Redbook Magazine
- Star Schools Awards from the NJ Department of Education
- Technology Program Excellence Award from the International Technology Education Association
- Best Practice for "Pi Day" from the NJ Department of Education