Established in 1958, the West Morris Regional High School District operates two schools, West Morris Central High School and West Morris Mendham High School. The regional district serves the students of five Morris County communities: Chester Borough, Chester Township, Mendham Borough, Mendham Township and Washington Township. Students from Washington Township attend West Morris Central High School, and students from the Chesters and the Mendhams attend West Morris Mendham High School. The regional district covers an area of just under 100 square miles.

The district's vision stresses the mission of providing students with "an intellectually stimulating experience in a safe environment" that promotes "a shared passion for learning, academic excellence, involved citizenship, personal responsibility and a respect for diversity." This mission has provided the cornerstone for district initiatives aimed at fulfilling the potential of our students as "creative, confident, compassionate and resilient individuals."

Curriculum: The district's curriculum reveals a wide range of offerings in a variety of disciplines. It is digitally organized through the use of Rubicon Atlas and it is collaboratively developed by teachers and administrators from both schools. The curriculum sequence allows students of varying ability levels to pursue a rich number of options in the arts, technology, and in the traditional academic areas. Twenty-one Advanced Placement courses are offered, and West Morris is one of only a small number of public high school districts in New Jersey that offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, a rigorous internationally recognized college preparatory program. AP, IB, and dual enrollment programs with NJIT and FDU, offer WMRHSD students a wide array of college level courses. Accordingly, over 80% of all students at both high schools participate in at least one college level course.

Additionally, West Morris Central and West Morris Mendham High Schools are also candidate schools for the IB Career Program. Within this program students can focus on a career pathway of coursework which includes career ethics, community service within the career field, and a Senior Reflective Project that is internationally benchmarked. IB World Schools share a common philosophy - a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education - that we believe is important for our students. Only 36 schools in the United States and 55 schools world-wide offer this IB Career Program.

Finally, the West Morris Regional High School District offers Bartley Academy and the Behavioral Support Program to address the needs of disaffected and at-risk students.

West Morris Regional students have excelled academically in a variety of areas. These include consistently high SAT and ACT scores with a number of students becoming National Merit Commended and Finalist students. International Baccalaureate diplomas have been awarded to 88% of those students attempting the diploma, while Advanced Placement scores have remained consistently high with a majority of students earning a "3" or better on the AP exams. The district Special Education program has been awarded a number of grants and is widely recognized for creating innovative programs stressing inclusion and achievement.

Professional Development: The West Morris Regional High School District is committed to a professional development model that provides a continuum of learning opportunities focused on the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to student learning. The capacity for professional growth, connected to individual, school, and district goals, has been created through systems such as a differentiated supervision evaluation approach, intra-district professional learning communities, and a Digital Information Department. Professional training focuses on learning in school through the use of collaborative teams within each discipline, edcamp-style professional opportunities, the district's InnovatEd Academy, on-demand blended classes targeting district initiatives, one-to-one digital integration support, among many other progressive approaches. Out of school professional development consists of specialized training, conferences, and discipline-specific workshops. The West Morris Regional High School District uses MyLearningPlan to organize professional development data.

Grants and Partnerships: West Morris Regional was the first district in New Jersey to receive a Teaching American History grant from the United States Department of Education. This grant totaled over half a million dollars and fostered the strengthening of history instruction throughout our curriculum. It has allowed the district to enter into partnerships with the National Council for History Education, the New York Historical Society, Princeton University, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and the Smithsonian Institution. In addition, the district has enjoyed partnerships with the Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem, NY and the History High School in Newark, NJ.

In 2012, West Morris Regional launched its Strategic Development through a Community Tech Forum. This led to the creation of a Digital Information Department whose purpose is to create a learning environment fostering the purposeful integration of digital information into daily instruction. The District Coordinator of Technology Integration fosters the experimentation and innovative use of technology relative to instructional strategies and the Digital Information Specialist and Media Specialist provide a liaison between teachers and students in this area. West Morris Regional is a BYOD school district and we support student learning through multiple technology platforms. Most recently, the district has acquired Google Apps for Education to promote digital tools in the collaborative learning process, and Haiku is the district's Learning Management System. In 2013, the district completed its Strategic Development and the creation of Strategic Objectives including a specific focus on technology infrastructure and training, technology skills and understanding, and programs designed to empower students in preparation for the new, knowledge-based global economy.

The West Morris Regional High School District enjoys a reputation for excellence and a commitment to its students. This begins at the district level and is reinforced in each school and strengthened in each individual class. For more information, you can access the individual high schools' web pages: West Morris Central High School at www.wmchs.org; and West Morris Mendham High School at www.wmmhs.org. You can also access the district website at www.wmrhsd.org.