The Central Regional School District is located in the Bayville section of Berkeley Township and draws from the constituent districts of Berkeley Township, Island Heights, Ocean Gate, Seaside Heights, and Seaside Park. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Barnegat Bay, and the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, the area is rich in culture, tradition, and learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom. This has helped create a unique and diverse student body as well as providing a stimulating, comprehensive, and cultural educational environment.

Each year all curriculum areas are reviewed and revised if necessary to ensure alignment with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Selected curriculum areas also undergo extensive review and revision as part of the district's five year curriculum plan. The Central Regional School District continues to offer a variety of courses that include Advanced Placement, College Credit, Honors, College Prep, and General offerings. Basic Skills instruction is also available for students with specific needs in the areas of mathematics and language arts. Additionally, courses are added or revised to meet the individual students' needs and to reflect the changing demands of the business and educational communities. Several courses are offered in both traditional and flex block scheduling formats to provide more flexibility for student learning. The district has integrated technology through its Study Island diagnostic to help improve test scores.

Central Regional's Humanities Academy partnered with Georgian Court University was started in the 2012-2013 school year to provide students with an opportunity of receiving 30 college credits. All current 8th graders are eligible to apply to the Academy which is located in the high school. Cohorts I through IV consisted of 52 students who were accepted into the program and will be expanded each year we are currently up to 112 students in future Cohorts. Students will be able to earn 18 college credits from Georgian Court University taught by professors from Georgian Court University at Central Regional. Students follow the Georgian Court University calendar and start classes in August and will have a winter break from university classes. Of the forty-seven graduates of the Academy, forty-six students started college as sophomores and one student attends Columbia University where only nine credits were accepted.

Central Regional is also now an International School and can accept students under its I-20 program to attend Central Regional from foreign countries. Last year the district had one student from China this year the number has grown to four students from China and Slovakia. This diversity and social exchange helps students gain a cultural, educational and critical thinking advantage over other districts.

Instruction is provided by a highly competent, qualified and energetic staff. Staff development is provided to the staff district-wide through both internal and outside resources. Each year the Staff Development Committee evaluates the professional development program and makes changes based on input received from staff, parents, and students. This assures that our staff receives the best training possible. For the past years differentiated instruction, formative assessment, and PLC's have been the focus of our staff development program and have provided new approaches to meet the educational needs of all our students. In the classroom, students are encouraged to play an active role in the educational process. This provides for the development of problem solving and higher level thinking skills, which are so important to success in both higher education and the business world. Central is also fiscally responsible by pursuing grant opportunities and creating the CR Foundation to provide innovative learning opportunities for students. The district has currently expanded its WiFi throughout its 98 acre campus to accommodate teachers, parents and students. New computer labs were also created to help students prepare for the PARCC in the middle school and in the high school.

Students in the Central Regional School District are also encouraged to be active outside the classroom through sports programs and community and school organizations. Sportsmanship and team work are emphasized throughout the sports programs while our clubs emphasize qualities such as bias reduction, helping the less fortunate, appreciation for our natural resources, and giving back to the community. Clubs such as our High School Key Club have received national recognition for their work throughout the communities. Central Regional has been designated as an Inter-district Choice School. This means that students from Ocean County can apply and, if accepted, can come to Central Regional regardless of where they live. Transportation is provided by the home district. Students in the Choice Program will be able to attend our newly opened Humanities Academy. The district has an Army JROTC program which has flourished into 160 students. In only its second year of existence the Army JROTC has had 7 students receive full scholarships to the following schools: 2 at Penn State, 2 at Virginia Tech, 2 at Rutgers and 1 at West Virginia that is over $280,000 dollars per scholarship!

Parents and community members are encouraged to be an active part of the Central Regional School District and receive information about events through school newsletters, a school website and through our Educational Television channel. Additionally, a Superintendent's Advisory Committee continues to provide an opportunity for community members to get information and share ideas. The PTA and alumni organizations continue to play an important part in the success of our school district. The school facilities are available for use by all five communities and provide a valuable service to outside organizations.

The Central Regional School District continues to provide new opportunities for our students and our communities and fulfill its commitment to provide a quality education for all the students from our five constituent districts.